Walking the talk, with Satish Kumar

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Gaia Education Glocalisers Webinar - satish kumar

Walking the talk, with Satish Kumar

But I have come to realize that the true meaning of pilgrimage is to live free from any attachments, habits, prejudices. Free from physical and mental clutter. Making an outer journey is a reminder of an inner journey, and I discovered that I am always on a pilgrimage. Life is a journey. I want to travel through life as a pilgrim.”
~ Satish Kumar

What does it mean to "walk the talk"?  How do we create peace? How do we find the strength to continue our work as change-makers in a world where there is so much deception, so much violence and divisiveness?

A true elder, Satish is at the heart of our Worldview course at Gaia Education and present in many other dimensions. In this conversation, we will talk about war and peace, sacred activism and hope with one of the most authentic and highly respected humans we have the luck to walk with in this life.

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