Webinar | Ross Jackson: The Bad News and the Good News

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Webinar | Ross Jackson: The Bad News and the Good News

The BAD NEWS is that our civilization is hard-wired for collapse due to a worldview that does not respect the limits to consumption and growth imposed by nature, resulting in a global society that works only for the few and not for the many. Indications are that we are currently in the seventh decade of the collapse.

The GOOD NEWS is that a collapse is not the end of the world, but can provide a unique opportunity to build a new and better world. This requires us adopting a new worldview that prioritizes respect for nature’s limits and the well-being of the great majority.

Come and check out with the author some of the main concepts and ideas behind these thoughts.

Ross has for many years been an innovative leader in both the business and NGO worlds and has functioned as a management consultant in several industries and financial institutions. His business career has been as an independent consultant and software designer, later specializing in international finance. His most recent book was Occupy World Street, A global roadmap for radical economic and political reform (2012), dealing with geopolitics and global governance.

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