Conversations on Resilience Webinar Series - part II

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Conversations on Resilience Webinar Series - part II

At Gaia Education, we want our participants to learn how to prepare and respond, becoming more resilient at the psychological (worldview), social, economic and ecological levels. We believe that the best way to be resilient is by creating regenerative communities and households and cultivating regenerative livelihoods for all.

In this webinar series we are inviting speakers, activists and authors who have been researching, documenting, working and teaching about resilience in communities.

Join us throughout the sessions and come to the forefront of the conversation about making our communities stronger and more resilient! Below you will find the registration link for each webinar.

🌟 Also, this series of events is part of the launch of our new course: Design for Resilience.
Everyone who registers for any webinar will receive a 25% off bonus for enrolling in the course!

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