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Gaia Education courses equip students of all ages with the appropriate skills and analytical tools to design a society which uses energy and materials with greater efficiency, distributes wealth fairly and strives to eliminate the concept of waste. Following the completion of Gaia Education courses students become #Changemakers.

What is a #Changemaker?

A #Changemaker is a Gaia Education graduate who takes an active role in transitioning their existing communities, institutions and neighbourhoods, to more sustainable patterns of production and consumption, as well as leading more joyful, meaningful and healthier lives.

Here are some examples of our inspiring #Changemakers, and the actions they are taking to enact positive change in the world.

Global change can start with just one individual; an ocean begins with just one drop.

Be inspired

Monika Hösterey

Monika has committed her life to enacting real positive change in the world. She shares some of the work she is activating and how ToT Findhorn has impacted this work.

Oscar Gussinyer

Oscar has been involved in sustainability for over two decades. He has co-created communities, cooperatives and a social centre and in 2017 he completed ToT Findhorn.

Steven England

Having worked in governmental and non-governmental organisations for many years, Steve is keenly aware of the challenges required to rethink for a sustainable future.

Juan Sebastián Cárdenas Salas

Juan’s consultancy aims to harmonise the fractures between human economics and natural ecology by viewing them within one interconnected system.

Veljko Armano Linta

Veljko participated, among other courses, in EDE Damanhur. He has now become a Gaia Education Certified Trainer, to spread sustainability knowledge further.

Lucimara Letelier

Lucimara Letelier, founder of Museu Vivo, a platform bridging sustainability and museums to drive chang​e, shares her experience of ToT Brazil 2018.

Sovanvotey Hok

Votey is a Young Eco Ambassador and founded Green Lady Cambodia, an organisation promoting healthy menstruation for women in Cambodia and Vietnam since 2016.

Pia Cameron

Pia took part in ToT Canada in 2018. She shares how the ToT helped build her self-confidence and as a result, her ability to share her passions with others.

Mariana Koutaka

Mariana is a Brazilian economist with a long accomplished career with various corporations in Brazil. She reveals how ToT Thailand 2018 impacted her life.

Hiroko Katayama

Hiroko is part of the As-One Network SUZUKA Community and is a GEN-Japan Representative. She participated in ToT Thailand and is an EDE organiser in Japan.

Monica Picavêa

Monica is an EDE graduate, now a Gaia Education board member, who set up a prize-winning B-Corp and was nominated Rockefeller Foundation Social Innovation Fellow.

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