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Covid-19 – Gaia Education Measures

Due to this international Pandemia declared by the WHO (UN), Gaia Education have prepared a few measures to mitigate and support our students and friends in this time of stress.

Sustainability Design Panorama

Gaia Education will offer this 15 hour online programme for free. To support you in your isolation or quarentine, and to mantain the sense of community we advise you to take this online course where you will learn from the pioneers and visionaries who have dared to innovate and bring sustainability resilience and systemic thinking to urban, rural and traditional settings around the world. Our case studies range from experimental ecovillage communities to transformative innovation by the mainstream inhabitants of large cities and clustered neighborhoods.

Copyrights Plattform Footprint

What does the term glocalisers mean?

Someone who is globally-connected and informed, whilst creating change

for greater sustainability within their local area.

The Programme

To support Austrian students to become ‘glocalisers’, we are developing a youth-focused training package, which blends Plattform Footprint’s work on Ecological Footprint in schools with Gaia Education’s cutting edge curricula and participatory methodology for sustainable development. We will pilot the educational package in schools, working with 250 students, providing a hands-on learning experience which measures their footprint on Earth and looks at ways to reduce this so that our societies tread more lightly. 

Gaia Education’s Whole Systems Design Framework and SDG Training for Multipliers will be adapted for the young students, so that they can explore the SDGs within a dynamic, question-focused framework, and gain tools and ideas from the the world’s most innovative eco-communities  and transition projects.

More About our Partners

Plattform Footprint is an Austrian non-profit NGO. It is an alliance of leading environmental and social NGOs as well as academic institutions in Austria, dedicated to promoting the Ecological Footprint as a key measure for sustainability. Its ultimate goal is to end global overshoot and to promote a ‘one-planet living’, which can offer a ‘good life’ for all global citizens within the ecological limits of the earth by fair sharing of global resources. It has held over 500 workshops for Austrian students in the last 11 years, and 150,000 high school students in Austria and Germany have seen and discussed the film “Fair Future – Wir schaffen Zukunft”, produced by Plattform Footprint and awarded by UNESCO Decade Project for Education for Sustainable Development.

Bildünger – Together we will let education flourish!
Bildünger is an initiative of Ashoka Austria and Sinnbildstiftung (an Austrian organisation representing common good foundations). and supported by the Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Research. Bildünger has a vision for education as the basis for creating our shared future and the foundation for the personal development of every person. Bildünger will create empowering learning experiences through concrete cooperation and the expectation to co-create education in Austria. Bildünger has developed various initiatives and projects, like online platforms, workshops, seminars and research to bring all stakeholders in the educational field together and to support co-creation and co-design of educational approaches and solutions for the 21st century and to support engaged educators in many ways to bring great ideas to fruition. One of the initiatives is the funding of innovative educational projects for young people in Austria with a focus on Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

If you are interested in finding out more about the workshops or would like to book a workshop either for students or for Multipliers (teachers/educators) please see here.