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Our students make a change

At Gaia Education we are proud of our students. They are the ones who go out and make a change in the world, applying the skills and knowledge gained from the teachings of the four dimensions of Design for Sustainability. We are therefore happy to say a big thankyou to all our students.

Thank you for all the great change that you go out and create! We are grateful for what you do for Mother Earth.

“The content is very relevant to my professional life as an educator. I have integrated many ideas and a few of the videos into my courses. On a personal level the primary inspiration has been a shift in thinking from an obstacle and scarcity based mindset to a solution and abundance mindset. This is quite liberating.”

David SchmausEducator in ethics and research, Canada, Worldview dimension

“Now I feel that I am part of the global and local transformation. Being a part of this impressive network, gives me a sense of belonging and mutual empowerment. Professionally I learned about a lot of tools which I will use in my classroom, my life my community.”

Monika HöstereyIntentional Community Inla Kesh, Mexico, Worldview dimension

“Through this program I’m learning so much to apply to my projects on so many levels… I am also working on a personal regenerative community project in Texas, this is also benefiting my personal life.”

Michael GattoArchitect, United States, Worldview dimension

“This course is helping me understand the challenges we are facing in the world today and what the root causes are. What I find most valuable is integrating systems thinking in my approach and finding personal relevance in the content of the course. I would like to share the new insights I have gained with other people and I’m considering a new career path where I can engage further with key issues around inequality, climate change and economics. “

A. JohnsonOwner of guest houses, Spain, GEDS

“I did not find this course, it found me. And the timing is perfect. For a while now I have been trying to start a new career after moving continents, from a third world to first. The adaption and learning curve has been steep but very rewarding. This course fits my background qualifications, experience and acquired wisdom very well and I see this as an opportunity to contribute to the greater good. I am from South Africa and made the change to come and live in Geneva Switzerland in 2008 when my wife joined the WHO as a specialist scientist in Influenza. It has taken me 9 years to catch up with Switzerland as well as Europe in many ways. There has also been a massive world shift during this time and at least I had the opportunity to experience it all from an international point of view. I have had 5 start-up businesses here since 2009 with a lot of problems as business dynamics are constantly shifting. None of them had the potential of fulfilling my desire to help others in a lasting and meaningful way that can be based on principles that will be universally acceptable. Now I have found a course that will allow me to make sure that I am on the right track and will most certainly be closer to taking up a new career at the end of this journey. I am looking forward to broaden my insights as well as get practical as I prefer experiential learning conditions. I wish all participants well on their endeavours and also congratulate the organisers/administrators/creators of this course on educating for the future… Evolutionary Change at Revolutionary Speed”

Andre Besselaar
Andre BesselaarBusinessman and driver of Sustainability projects, Switzerland, Student on the Big-Picture Intro

“I started Gaia Education Design for Sustainability to learn another business and mental models that I can adapt myself to help big companies, managed by the Baby Boomers’ generation, to make the transition to and survive in a more sustainable world; Now I´m developing three new products: Sustainable Governance for Corporations, Sustainable Governance for Small Business and Sustainable Education for Kids in Schools”

Christina Barbosa
Christina BarbosaSustainability volunteer, writer and consultant, Brasil

When I did the course work for GEDS (Gaia Education Design For Sustainability), especially the module on Celebration, I realised the significance of the ritual we performed last April in Bodrum. In the elemental ritual we mixed the soil, water, fire, and spirited words from 4 countries : Iran, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey as a first step to ignite the fire of our Earth Healing Network. I have grown with GEDS, with Gaia Education, with friends in the Earth Healing Network. I am ever grateful. With my hope for realising our vision for a truly fertile 2017″

Pupak Haghighi
Pupak HaghighiFounder of Trees for Hope rewilding project, Fertile CrescentSee Pupak’s Gaia Education Trainer profile

“I want to express my gratitude for all that I learned and shared. The GEDS was an amazing journey. The tutors are as good as the word good can be, very knowledgeable and the best of all, givers. The GEDS was for me an eye opener in many important subjects I ignored.”

Jean-Louis ReyOrganic Farmer and Consultant, Switzerland, GEDS

“The structure of the curriculum was beautiful and holistic. This helped me to reach a new level and depth of understanding beyond my expectations. Having the case study apply to my community made the learning very relevant and fascinating. Hope to teach the curriculum in the future and am already using it everyday in the development of our community.”

Carrie CampbellCommunity Activist, USA

“It will change the way I teach Permaculture from now on. This course has given me a new focus and a new angle to perceive what is an old topic for me. I would recommend this course to anyone who seriously wants to learn in-depth what it means to live sustainably. The teachers were great, all of them! Thank you!!!”

Barb HazenvaldPermaculture Teacher, Canada

“The GEDS course has helped me explore a wide range of sustainable development issues, both theoretically and practically. Through this course, I have learned a lot about team work, time management, creativity and art. The activities for students are very well designed and helped me reflect on my daily sustainability practice and create new plans for a better strategy. It sharpened my way of thinking from various different lenses as well as providing a lot of creative ideas to work on afterwards”

Any SulistyowatiIndonesia, GEDS

“The course is very well organized. It provides a lot of info and also includes many references to other web sources. It has made me realize that changes are possible in any level and I can do them where I am.”

Christiane MatachanaBrazil

“Considering the limitations of an online course, I found the contents and the activities very inspiring to help me learn about myself and about the important changes required to develop sustainable communities within the industrialized, consummerist society where I am living. This course is unique in terms of offering a formal, academic course with a set of values that is very different from the main-stream courses: it spans many topics rather than seek specialization, and it is aimed at enriching the humanity of the student rather than helping him “pile up knowledge as if it were gold”.

Anton MontsantSpain

“All I can say is what an absolutely amazing and beautiful journey this past year has been with this course and the magical curriculum that has enabled me to see and act on so much. Now…to keep the momentum going in a harmonious and energetic way.The dialogues and projects brought me in touch with transformative people, issues, and opportunities around the globe, yet my hands were able to focus on where I was most able to give positive form to my experience —the bioregion where I had set root. The collective consciousness formed through the course activities ignited a spark that illuminated a momentum that traveled through the web of participants—each of us acting in concert with renewed energy to heal and celebrate our interdependence with Gaia.”

Nicole BrownUSA

“I am a current PhD student at Sofia University, formerly known as the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Born and raised in China, I studied politics at university and have a MBA in management. After working in the business world in several countries, I started my study of Transpersonal Psychology, with a focus on Ecological Consciousness, in 2013. I would like to apply spiritual ecology and help to make China, my home country, and the Earth, my home planet, better places. “

Sylvia WenGEDS

“I am an Agricultural Engineer and Aquaculturist. The subjects of self-sustainability and ecovillages have been on my mind for the past eight years. It’s time for me to start my ecovillage.”

Wissam TalebGEDS

“After completing a Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, I began a 13-year-long career in the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Industry. My vision is very clear on supporting sustainability through the development of ecovillages worldwide.”

Nalini Ranjan NayakGEDS

“I am a 38 year-old student of permaculture from the USA, but, professionally, I work as a pilot. From having lived and worked in several countries across Europe, Asia and Africa, I have acquired an understanding of different cultures. This has affected my perspective of how we live on and with our planet and each other. I enjoy my profession, but dislike the meaninglessness of my duties and how it keeps me stuck in an economic, social, spiritual and ecological dead-end status quo. So I have long looked for ways to shift my efforts to more meaningful, beneficial work.”

Benjamin WebsterGEDS

I am a civil engineer and have been working for rural based voluntary organisations for the past 16 years in Land and Water development programs. I wish to broaden my knowledge through training, networking, exchange, education, support and solidarity at a global level. I have a vision of participating in creating a positive future by working & living together, supporting sustainability for both our planet and us. 

Sokkam RaghunathGEDS

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