We are pleased to present the Gaia Education Glocalisers Webinar Series!

Gaia Education works to build capacity on whole systems design, unleashing the emergence of local solutions to global challenges. We nurture communities of learning where participants can develop meaningful, actionable knowledge both personally and socially.

In the FREE webinar series we offer you the chance to meet some of the Gaia Education Certified Trainers, otherwise known as Glocalisers. Empowered by the skills and knowledge acquired throughout their learning and combining them to their own personal journey, our trainers weave their own thread into the fabric of Gaia Education’s world work.

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Marcia Peixoto

Gaia Education Certified Trainer

Native Beekeeping and Systemic Regeneration

18 December at 6 pm (GMT)

In this webinar, we are going to dive into the topics of the importance of the Bees in the maintenance of Ecosystems and the web of life. The communitarian structures in the animal world that can inspire humans to live and cooperate with all beings. Breaking the logic of exploitation: the contact with bees and the possibility to benefit from the medicines they can provide with respect and deep care for them.

Marcia is a seeker of community and is passionate about human beings’ capacity to create cultures that bring about regenerative humanity. She is a peace worker in constant training, adventurous, and she recognises herself as a spiritual being looking for personal and planetary transformation.

Marcia has worked and acted in different areas of interest since 2012 and she has lived mostly in intentional communities and ecovillages. Her main areas of work have been in the fields of Agro-ecology, Agroforestry, Permaculture, Phitotherapics and Natural Cosmetics, Production of seeds, Beekeeping, Environmental education, Education in Veganism, Raw Food and Detox, LGBTQ and Feminist Activism and Education, and Education for Global System Change.

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What all our students share, is a hunger to find a place and space to act as agents for positive change.

Many have wished to create their own Gaia Education-inspired workshops, facilitate meetings, inspire or become social entrepreneurs and much more. Yet, we know many who do not feel confident enough to deliver our programme content to diverse and sometimes challenging audiences.

This is about to change. You are about to change, as you receive all the necessary tools to become a Gaia Education Certified Trainer.

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Gaia Education Trainers are leading-edge experts in their respective fields, with experience in training and facilitation on rural and urban settings, from Global South to North and everywhere in between.

Gaia Education certified facilitators and trainers are equipped with the skills and methodologies to facilitate transformative learning environments and host multi-stakeholder conversations that enable collaborative action.

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