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Gaia Education works to build capacity on whole systems design, unleashing the emergence of local solutions to global challenges. We nurture communities of learning where participants can develop meaningful, actionable knowledge both personally and socially.

In the FREE webinar series we offer you the chance to meet some of the Gaia Education Certified Trainers, otherwise known as Glocalisers. Empowered by the skills and knowledge acquired throughout their learning and combining them to their own personal journey, our trainers weave their own thread into the fabric of Gaia Education’s world work.

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Erin Fowler

Australian Artist

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Sitting in the discomfort; the role of arts and spirituality in helping us face the climate crisis.

23 January at 9:30 pm (GMT)

As the world is facing a deepening climate crisis, what is the role of arts, culture and spirituality? The response to global warming must cover every aspect of life.

This webinar will explore the cultural, spiritual, personal and community-based shifts that may be required to create lasting change for the planet and the existence of human kind on it. Our society is not very well equipped to sit in discomfort and yet as the climate crisis escalates we will be forced to do this more – be it from climate disaster relocating us from our homes, the discomfort of looking at our own privilege and excessive consumption, or the grief we feel when we consider the future of the planet.
The arts have often been a place where we can air our collective discomfort, rage and grief. Likewise, many forms of spirituality and indigenous practices also support a process of sitting in the discomfort and have so much to teach us about what it means to embrace and transform the shadow – both within ourselves and in the collective consciousness.
This webinar we will look at the vital role of artists and arts organisations to shape conversations, to challenge and be provocative, to inform and activate. We will also talk about the role of spiritual and indigenous practices that reconnect us to our physical bodies (something that can be so easily lost in an overly mind-based society) and in turn, feel our deep connection to the planet.
Erin Fowler is an Australian artist and movement facilitator working across the dance, music, film and theatre industries as well as the holistic arts. A professional dancer, her love of all things movement has seen her study ballet, contemporary dance and even traditional martial arts on top of a Chinese mountain.  She is also a certified teacher of Qoya – a feminine movement practice that combines the wisdom of yoga, the creativity of dance and the freedom of sensual movement, and teaches this internationally.
She is also a teacher and practitioner at the Eliyah Tantra School and facilitates Qoya and temple dance practices at their international retreats and trainings. Her 2014 environmental dance film Gaia (2014) has toured to over 23 international film festivals and won a significant number of awards.
She is now developing The Gaia Movement – a platform for people around the world to engage creatively, through the arts, with the themes of sustainability, climate change and the environment. She believes in the power of the arts, and in particular embodiment practices such as dance and movement, to transform culture and society and to empower individuals.
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