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Gaia Education works to build capacity on whole systems design, unleashing the emergence of local solutions to global challenges. We nurture communities of learning where participants can develop meaningful, actionable knowledge both personally and socially.

In the FREE webinar series we offer you the chance to meet some of the Gaia Education Certified Trainers, otherwise known as Glocalisers. Empowered by the skills and knowledge acquired throughout their learning and combining them to their own personal journey, our trainers weave their own thread into the fabric of Gaia Education’s world work.

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Lisa Shaw

Co-founder of Biomatrix

Artist, Designer and Environmental Educator

Watch her Tedx Talk here.

Bringing Water to Life

12 September at 1 PM BST

How do we move from the degradation and destruction of natural resources to the restoration and regeneration of ecosystems?

This presentation will take you on an inspiring journey from polluted or lifeless waters, through their transformation, using a toolbox of creative ecological nature based solutions, to show them restored into vibrant living waters.  Learn about the growing movement of Living Water Cities in which urban waterways can become green corridors through the heart of our cities.  With the increase in urbanisation the value of renaturalisation and the importance of having a relationship with wildness in our daily lives becomes both more challenging and more essential.  Collaborations between ecological design, engineering and art can create innovative solutions to bring habitat and biodiversity into urban waters. By working together and channeling our efforts we can turn underused and polluted resources into vast, living, nature based infrastructure.  In this talk you will see examples of water restoration projects such as:

  • A hard edged basin devoid of biodiversity turns into an urban oasis of thousands of species in Manchester.
  • A floating solar powered wastewater treatment plant that cleans contaminated river water in India.
  • An art project that integrates living sculptures that create marks on the surface of a pond in Scotland with paintings showing the life under the water.
  • A Floating classroom, farm and riverwalk in Chicago.

These and many more stories provide hope and practical examples of solutions to water degradation problems facing the world today.

Lisa Shaw is co-director of Biomatrix Water, an ecological water technology and product company that works throughout the world to bring water to life.  Lisa is also an artist, she creates paintings and installations inspired by nature and environmental themes and she uses her artistic vision to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and to look at design and beauty through an ecological lens.

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What all our students share, is a hunger to find a place and space to act as agents for positive change.

Many have wished to create their own Gaia Education-inspired workshops, facilitate meetings, inspire or become social entrepreneurs and much more. Yet, we know many who do not feel confident enough to deliver our programme content to diverse and sometimes challenging audiences.

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