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Where the Jungle Meets the Beach – Gaia School, Bali

Programme Description

This Mother Jungle program in Bali offers purposeful, hands-on, certified professional development which approaches the challenges of the future, supporting participants to rethink the current model and the dominant culture of consumption which has driven the world to the edge of its capacity, to one that honours and sustains all life.
Mother Jungle has joined forces with Gaia Education and UNESCO Global Action Programme Priority Area 5- Accelerating Change at Local Level. There is an international call for qualified professionals who can build capacity for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at local level.
Participants will be equipped with the skills and methodologies to design transformative learning environments that enable collaborative action. An essential part will be helping people to reconnect to themselves and to nature and by doing so, transform their worldview, thus supporting sustainable development by becoming agents of change. People who seek opportunities to break out of their comfort zones away from working conditions to refresh, update and enhance their knowledge.
This journey with Mother Jungle in Bali will provide you with a distinctive experience to boost a different way of understanding the role of the economy and the importance of right livelihoods. You will gain a rich understanding of the culture and increase your environmental awareness through an experiential action based programme. There are three specific themes of focus: 1) Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, 2) Climate Change, and 3) Sustainable Consumption and Production
From all programs we run  we will support a micro-finance budget for the local indigenous female entrepreneurs ‘Mothers of Light’ trained and supported by our partner ChapterW so they can start-up and sustain their cooperatives.
Learning outcomes:
  • Responsible Traveling: ‘It is up to us to take care of the planet, it is our only home’. Become aware of the ethical ways to travel the world and how to make a real difference on the destination. Learn to be switched on to the impact you have on the landscapes and seascapes you visit. Learn how responsible traveling can deliver ‘better places to live in and to visit’ – with the emphasis firstly on creating better places for local people.
  • Intercultural Communication: Learn together with people from around the world from different cultures and get resources to take back to own community (offline and online).
  • Community Outreach: Learn to design and implement initiatives that will directly benefit its indigenous communities through low cost and green approaches. Indigenous communities in return will get the opportunity to restore wisdom, traditions and knowledge by sharing these with the participants.
  • Environmental Education: Create an understanding of how to interpret and analyse biological data of marine/forest to create awareness of the importance of conservation of marine/forest habitats.
  • Personal Development: Develop a personal resilience to inspire long-term & effective regenerative change. Deepen own well-being and the well-being of the planet and develop a personalised plan to get you into impactful action in your own communities.

Programme Details


Current & Future Gaia in Schools Programmes

What is Gaia In Schools?

Change Agents

Gaia in Schools Programme is a school programme based on Gaia Education Whole-Systems Design for Sustainability curriculum and conducted over a particular time period during one school year. The programme aims to incorporate teaching and learning for sustainable community development and calls for sustainable development to be integrated throughout the School’s curriculum in a holistic manner, rather than being taught on a stand alone basis. This approach supports the notion that Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is education for sustainable development rather than education about sustainable development.

How to run a Gaia in Schools programme

Run a EDE Programme

Gaia in Schools Programme is a school programme based on Gaia Education Whole-Systems Design for Sustainability curriculum and conducted over a particular time period during one school year.

A school interested in developing a certified Gaia in Schools Programme will design and adopt its own programme following Gaia Education core curriculum, certification criteria and local context. After that the school can apply for certification and when certified, it becomes officially certified Gaia in Schools Programme.