Certified Gaia Education Trainers

Gaia Education Certified Facilitators and Trainers are equipped with the skills and methodologies to facilitate transformative learning environments and host multi-stakeholder conversations that enable collaborative action.

Albert Bates

Albert Bates

Co-founder of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas and the Global Ecovillage Network. Author of a dozen books on energy, environment and history.
1st September 2017/by Jesper Conrad

Allen Walker

Allen is qualified in economics, accounting, financial services and taxation.
15th January 2019/by Pedro Pedrosa

Anahí Beatriz Pacheco

In Latin-American scale, passionately and gratefully starting a new journey from Chile to Mexico with the “Caravana por la Paz y Restauración de la Madre Tierra”
10th December 2018/by Pedro Pedrosa

André L.A. Marins

André has been acting in a diversity of leadership roles in the past 20 years. He works at the Brazilian Research and Education Network and is an international project manager.
5th March 2018/by Eloïse

Antoni Camps Garmón

Curiosity for cultural, ecological, geographic, scientific and spiritual diversity has been the basis of Antoni's experiences and development of skills.
3rd August 2017/by Jesper Conrad

Brandy Gallagher

One of the original founders and developers of O.U.R. Ecovillage; designer and educator working with local to international community builders.
17th September 2018/by Eloïse

Cynthia Blackshear

Marcia is a seeker of community and is passionate about human beings' capacity to create cultures that bring about a regenerative humanity.
2nd April 2019/by Pedro Pedrosa
Cynthia Zanotto Salvador

Cynthia Zanotto Salvador

Cynthia's work focuses on developing landscaping design projects aimed at awakening in people a loving relationship with nature.
3rd August 2017/by Jesper Conrad

Daniel Christian Wahl

Daniel is an international consultant and educator specialising in biologically-inspired whole systems design and transformative innovation.
7th September 2017/by Jesper Conrad

Daniel Greenberg

Daniel is the CEO of Earth Deeds, a social venture which provides online tools to measure and transform environmental impacts and to support community-based sustainability projects.
30th October 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

E. Christopher Mare

Christopher began a self-designed university education at the same time the Global Ecovillage Network was getting started. He endeavoured to set an academic precedent for the vision they were presenting.
30th October 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org
Eduardo Weaver

Eduardo Weaver

Eduardo is a Brazilian educator and entrepreneur, with many years of experience as a speaker and group facilitator. He has coordinated several EDEs in Brasilia and Joao Pessoa, acting as a facilitator in the Worldview and Social dimensions.
30th October 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Emmanuel Khodja

Emmanuel (Manu) works with a whole system design approach, promoting personal, organisational and environmental integrated development.
30th October 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Eve Allemand

Eve has been trained as a Counsellor and Psychologist and uses a systemic perspective.
30th October 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Ezio Gori

Ezio Gori is a sustainable development consultant with 30 years of experience, passionate about teaching permaculture and sustainability.
17th January 2018/by Eloïse

Filipe Freitas

Filipe was born in Belo Horizonte, son of a doctor and geographer, and a camper since very young.
28th December 2018/by Pedro Pedrosa

Giovanni Ciarlo

Sustainability consultant, musician and change agent for peace and social justice. Coordinator of Gaia Education Design for Sustainability (GEDS).
11th August 2017/by Jesper Conrad

Gracelynn Chung-yan Lau

Horticultural therapist, mindfulness and permaculture teacher living in O.U.R Ecovillage, she facilitates school programs, women’s circle and sustainable wellness retreats.
17th September 2018/by Eloïse

Gustavo Machado

Gustavo believes that to act sustainably, we must be attentive to the impact of our actions in the world and within ourselves from an integral approach, contemplating all the dimensions involved.
12th November 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Jacqueline Fletcher

After spending a working life in the performing arts as a director and dramaturg and teaching project-based participatory learning in higher education throughout Europe, Jacqueline decided to transform her 40 years of experience in environmental activism into the main focus of her life.
13th November 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Jane Rasbash

Jane works in sustainable development using an empowerment and engaged spirituality approach. Taught on EDEs in Findhorn, Sieben Linden, Myanmar and Thailand.
4th August 2017/by Jesper Conrad

John Button

Permaculture designer, educator and consultant, with over 30 years experience in Australia, South and South East Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, through broadly diverse climatic, social and economic conditions, working with individuals, institutions and commercial enterprises
12th November 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan is a sustainability educator, currently working as Head of Economics at Schumacher College in Devon.
12th November 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Jorge Dellamora Mello

Brazilian economist and facilitator of Gaia Education in Brazil, Jorge teaches about Voluntary Simplicity, Social Engaged Spirituality and Sustainable Health.
28th March 2018/by Eloïse

Juliana Poncioni Mota

A life-long student, adventurous sports woman, dedicated to live and educate on sustainability. Juliana brings her wise-wild energy, creativity and passion to all that she does, igniting passion and curiosity on those around her.
5th June 2018/by Eloïse

Juliherme Piffer

Xaba is a consultant, facilitator and designer of groups and collaborative projects. Master of Physics, eco-entrepreneur, permacultorist, Dragon Dreaming trainer, Transition Network trainer and Gaia Education trainer.
8th December 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Karlis Kalns

Karlis advocates that empathy, friendship, compassion, support, vulnerability and love are major key turning points towards global regenerative development.
28th December 2018/by Pedro Pedrosa

Kosha Joubert

Kosha is one of the original GEESE, and co-editor of the Social Dimension Book: Social tools for Building Community. She has facilitated EDE's in Germany, Scotland, Italy, South Africa, India, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal and Palestine.
12th November 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Lara Freitas

Lara is a consultant and educator specialising in eco-neighborhood design processes. She performs integrated management of projects and multidisciplinary teams on studies, plans and integrated urban design, of socio-environmental nature.
12th November 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Leandro Basil

Writer, Educator and Cultural Producer, since adolescence, Leandro has been developing ideas for creating a sustainable and socially just world.
12th November 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Lena Kandelin

Lena is currently working to promote dialogue and collaborations between civil society, municipalities and governmental organisations where Agenda 2030, gender and human rights are important foundations.
13th February 2018/by Eloïse

Lorianna Paradise

Influenced by ecological crisis and global challenges, Lorianna's work as an artist and researcher has been structured around a growing zeitgeist that looks for creative solutions in the analysis and design of social relationships.
25th June 2018/by Eloïse

Maddy Harland

Maddy is editor and co-founder of Permaculture magazine and Permanent Publications, a publishing company dedicated to regenerative, ecological solutions.
12th November 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org

Márcia Peixoto

Marcia is a seeker of community and is passionate about human beings' capacity to create cultures that bring about a regenerative humanity.
2nd April 2019/by Pedro Pedrosa

Marina Dain

Cofounder of Terra Una NGO and Ecovillage, cofounder of Flor&Ser, a solidarity economy network, and organiser of Gaia Education in Brazil.
28th March 2018/by Eloïse

Mark Taplin

Mark is upcycling the life experience of an early career in film/television production followed by a self taught make-do- and-mend existence of self sufficiency in rural England. His mantra is “if at first you don't succeed, try try try again”.
12th November 2017/by webmaster@gaiaeducation.org
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What all our students share, is a hunger to find a place and space to act as agents for positive change.

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