Looby Macnamara

Looby Macnamara, is a respected international teacher, practitioner and author. Her first book, People & Permaculture , launched the social permaculture movement globally, expanding the focus of permaculture to people care as well as Earth care. 

Looby’s most recent book is Cultural Emergence, which is a toolkit for transformation that has evolved through collaboration with Jon Young. It brings together systems, culture, design and connection practices.

Looby runs Applewood Permaculture Centre with her partner, Chris Evans, in Herefordshire, UK.



Wednesday 22nd September at 6pm BST (UK)


The greatest challenge of our time is coexistence…

How do we design our livelihoods and communities, so we live in harmony with all Life?

Can we read cultural patterns and utilize this knowledge to design intentionally the future we need and want?

What can we learn from natural systems and permaculture that can be applied to our own lives and communities to move from patterns of destruction and erosion to patterns of abundance and regeneration?

Join us to explore the above questions (and more) in a Master Class with experienced permaculturist and author Looby Mcnamara, interviewed by Gaia Education academic coordinator and experienced sustainability facilitator, Silvia Di Blasio.

We are offering this event in the spirit of the Gift Economy. A donation of 10-50GBP is recommended, so we can create similar events and make them available to as many people as possible, but we understand that this is not possible for everyone.

Please donate any amount you feel comfortable with and are able to.



Silvia Di Blasio

Silvia Di Blasio is an Argentinian born Design for Sustainability graduate and EDE facilitator with a lifelong passion and dedication to social justice, sustainability, and transformational change. With a degree in Psychopedagogie and Adult Education, Silvia has specialized on eLearning, curriculum design and facilitation for social change. 

Silvia brings a long track record of working as an educator, curriculum designer, online specialist, career coach and facilitator in organizations that include, among others the Work That Reconnects Network, the Permaculture Women’s Guild and three NGOs supporting immigrants and refugees in Canada.