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Local, Bioregional and Global Outreach

“A growing number of people are recognizing that in order to secure the clean air, water and food that we need to healthfully survive, we have to become guardians of the places where we live.”
- First Continental Bioregional Congress
4th August 2020/by Nuvaquahu

Learnings from the GEESE

Gaia Education was born from a series of synergistic encounters between 23 ecovillagers over eight years under the inspiration of Hildur Jackson. Through Hildur’s ‘trans-piration’, I took the role of the mother Goose in the GEESE- Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth.
19th June 2020/by Nuvaquahu

Giovanni Ciarlo stepping into the Role of Leadership at Gaia Education

It is with great honour and humility that I step into the leadership role Gaia Education has asked me to fill at this historic time of our human existence. I am excited to serve an organisation that I helped create 15 years ago and that I am deeply committed to today.
19th June 2020/by Nuvaquahu

Humanity Rising Summit launches an international coalition on action for a sustainable post-pandemic world

The goal is to have hundreds of organisations participating, collaborating and representing millions of changemakers worldwide, supporting each other with daily blogs, video discussions and, most importantly, active solutions.
12th May 2020/by Nuvaquahu

How the ZYCALA project in Zambia has helped Brian to provide for him and his family

Could the legendary community networking really succeed without the intimacy and joy of direct physical interactions between all the participants? I wondered how this piece of technological creativity would work.
8th May 2020/by Nuvaquahu

Courage Girls for Courageous Frontline Workers

Courage Chocolate handmade herbal flavoured chocolates connecting young migrants in Sicily and courageous NHS frontline workers fighting the COVID-19 in Edinburgh.
6th May 2020/by Nuvaquahu
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