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Award-winning Courage Chocolate with special editions for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and award-winning Courage Chocolate has developed two chocolate editions. Click here to find out more!
23rd January 2020/by Nuvaquahu

We stand in Solidarity with Australia and The Philippines

Gaia Education team stand in solidarity with the people of Australia and The Philippines during this time of unprecedented natural disasters and unimaginable suffering.
16th January 2020/by Nuvaquahu

Pelangi (a Design Studio Case Study)

This is a story about a farm transforming into a regenerative, inclusive, and sustainable community. Pelangi Farm is a small farm in the Gulf Islands near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
6th January 2020/by Nuvaquahu

Sipapu – Temple of Emergence (a Design Studio Case Study)

The project forms that “passage to the next world” through sustainable and regenerative principles, methods, culture and technologies born of deep ecological and traditional shamanic worldviews.
30th December 2019/by Nuvaquahu

New report showcases Scottish links to over 100 countries

Scotland’s International Development Alliance publishes a new report that maps its members’ contribution to the UN SDGs across the globe and demonstrates a far-reaching and impactful international development sector in Scotland.
11th December 2019/by Nuvaquahu

Gaia Education’s special Holiday Bundle is now available!

Sustainable shopping is on a lot of people’s minds this year, and Gaia Education is now offering a special holiday bundle, including educational materials and incentives needed to help create a more sustainable lifestyle. Order yours today!
9th December 2019/by Nuvaquahu
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