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A Regenerative Education for our times

The current education paradigm holds the idea that the sole purpose of education is to educate individuals within their particular society, to prepare and train them for work in an economy that integrates people into the national cultural reality and passes on to them the values and morals of that society.
/by Nuvaquahu

SILC: A Source of Financial Stability for the ZYCALA Youth

Since the introduction of the Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) activity. ZYCALA (Zambia Youth for Conservation, Agriculture and Livelihood Action) has seen a tremendous improvement in the livelihoods of the youths and the communities at large.
/by Nuvaquahu

Creating Community

Building community is the process by which a group becomes aware of its own existence as a living collective unity – and of the life force that sustains it. To build community is to nurture the group spirit and its social cohesion through a shared and clear vision.
/by Nuvaquahu

Goal of the Month | August 2020: Responsible Consumption and Production

Did you know that every year about one third of all food produced – equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes – is wasted, yet food security continues to be a growing global concern, affecting millions of people.
/by Nuvaquahu

Local, Bioregional and Global Outreach

“A growing number of people are recognizing that in order to secure the clean air, water and food that we need to healthfully survive, we have to become guardians of the places where we live.”
- First Continental Bioregional Congress
/by Nuvaquahu

Learnings from the GEESE

Gaia Education was born from a series of synergistic encounters between 23 ecovillagers over eight years under the inspiration of Hildur Jackson. Through Hildur’s ‘trans-piration’, I took the role of the mother Goose in the GEESE- Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth.
/by Nuvaquahu
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