Applied Ecovillage Living – inspired by Gaia Education

5 February 2019

Inspired by Gaia Education, Findhorn Foundation’s Applied Ecovillage Living 2-week programme invites people to come and explore more about ecovillages, low impact lifestyles, sustainability and right livelihoods.

Findhorn Foundation is widely known for its facilitating and teaching sustainability practices and at the end of February they have organised a great workshop that aims to equip its participants with the essential skills necessary for a low impact lifestyle, teach them about local organic food production, renewable energy systems, Earth restoration projects, and more.

In this programme you will learn more about:

  • Social tools for personal and group transformation, empowerment and community building
  • Urban and rural solutions for transitioning to a resilient society
  • Local organic food production and right livelihood
  • Comprehensive Permaculture design introduction
  • Renewable energy systems and energy efficiency models
  • and much more!

The programme will run a duration of two weeks starting on Saturday, 23 February and will take place in the pioneering ecovillage and community of Findhorn – Cluny Hill (first week) and The Park (second week).

For more information about the upcoming Applied Ecovillage Living programme and how to register, please visit:


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