Clean City – An enterprise founded by a Graduate of the Gaia Education Design for Sustainability (GEDS) Course

Clean City is a social enterprise founded by Taylor Smythe, a graduate of the Gaia Education course. Taylor and Clean City work to educate local individuals and communities on how to segregate waste, build a waste management facility and implement the first trash collection program of its kind in Chitwan, Nepal.

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Taylor Smythe initially came to Nepal for a job on a 3-month contract, with plans to then travel to India and relocate to South America. It is now three years later and the plan changed along the way; Taylor remains in Nepal where she founded Clean City to empower local individuals and communities to create a sustainable waste management model in Chitwan, Nepal. The team at Clean City consists of four inspiring, knowledgeable individuals with skills varying from beekeeping to education, music and female empowerment. They all share the same goals: to preserve Chitwan National Park, improve the livelihoods of the people in surrounding areas and work with local farmers to build resilient local food systems.

Last year Taylor had the opportunity to complete Gaia Education’s 10- month online course while simultaneously living in Chitwan and working full-time to bring this project to life. On this she says: “The curated, accessible, extensive and comprehensive approach to understanding systems thinking and a deep sense of community, cultivated through Gaia Education’s platform, enhanced my ability to address the current issues facing Chitwan and provide tangible solutions to plastic waste management, socio-economic development, and women’s empowerment here.”

Drawing from Taylor’s words, every individual has the power to make conscious decisions which create a stream leading to a more sustainable future for the next generation. As an educator of agents of change, Gaia Education aims to inspire and provide practical tools for students to bring their sustainable projects to life so we can all enjoy a more sustainable, Clean future in cities, villages and across communities.

To donate, visit the Clean City website and click on Donate or if preferred send a check to ‘Clean City’ at 9025 Charles Augustine Dr. Alexandria, VA 22308. Clean City is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organisation.



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