Learnings from the GEESE

20 June 2020

Gaia Education was born from a series of synergistic encounters between 23 ecovillagers over eight years under the inspiration of Hildur Jackson.

Hildur Jackson was a visionary, mentor and a sister to me. She was a pathfinder of our times, not only because of her rich personal life journey, but for the effects her vision has had on the lives of countless others.  From connecting seemingly unrelated community experiments and weaving the Global Ecovillage Network, to her bravery in stating the need for a ‘new’ education and creating Gaia Education – the ripple effects of her life are immeasurable.

The ancient ones would say If you are inspired, you are bound to inspire others. Hildur certainly had that effect on me. Through Hildur’s ‘trans-piration’, I took the role of the mother Goose in the GEESE- Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth. Like patterning migrant birds which fly in V formation, the GEESE have explored, learned and seeded potential in many unique territories of the living Earth. Today the flock has multiplied both in number and in regenerative actions.

One of my teachers once said, “knowledge increases in proportion to its use; that is, the more we teach the more we learn”. And that has been my path flying with the GEESE, with 1001 learnings gained through reciprocal relationships enriching my life. For each one of those interactions, endlessly changing, developing and building in complexity, I am so grateful.

Roles are dynamic and co-evolve in response to the evolution of the system. As I re-position in the organisation and focus on ‘project-based learning’  activities I reflect on the original source of unbounded creativity of Gaia Education. Thus, at this auspicious time of solstice, with humanity also poised at a moment pregnant with potential, this a tribute to Hildur Jackson’s unique womanhood, to her compassionate heart, to her insightful thinking and to the unexpected acts of generosity through which she brought new life to our world.

Flying together towards new horizons

May East

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