Celebrating the signing of an MoU between Gaia Education and Tallinn University

Gaia Education signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Tallinn University to offer the first 4-year bachelor degree transcending our 4D curriculum.

Gaia Education's May East & Jane Rasbash and Tallinn University partners

The 1st September marked both the beginning of a new Academic Year in Estonia and the signing of an MoU between GaiaEducation & Tallinn University.

A milestone of years of collaboration between Gaia Education and a whole generation of Estonian educators, designers and practitioners including Toomas Trapido, Sven Aluste, Rinu Lepa, Marit Otsing, Kaja Karu-Espenberg, Ele Koppel, Mihkel Kangur, Liisa Puusepp, Paavo Eensalu, Ave Tuisk, Liina Järviste, Toivo Aalja, Krista Noorkõiv and others.

The event took place on the day of the opening of the Academic Year 2017, a traditional event celebrated each year by students, parents and teachers from kindegarten to post-graduate. Recognition of stelar students and professors emeritus were combined with the national & students anthems and the Estonian freedom song.

Our MoU identifies a series of joint educational activities including the development and certification of Tallinn University’s bachelor curricula and programme in Estonian on Integrated Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development. This is the first 4-Year bachelor course to include and transcend the 20 modules of our 4-fold Design for Sustainability curriculum. After the first semester, students will have the chance to choose one of the three main streams: Natural Sciences, Sustainable Development & Natural Sciences and Natural Sciences & IT. After the four years they may take their studies to the Master’s level, or become a teacher of Natural Sciences or an environmental/Sustainable Development expert.

Who are Gaia Education’s Academic Partners?

May East holding the newly signed MoU

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