Our Glocalisers Webinar Series Continues

6 March 2018

On Wednesday 7 March at 5pm UK, innovative economists Ross Jackson and Jonathan Dawson will hold a webinar moderated by Naresh Giangrande. The subject will be ‘Pathways to Prosperity: Turning Around the Global Economy’.

The conversation will look at reform of the economic system by exploring some of the following topics:

  • Open source innovation
  • The transition from a centralised to a distributed system
  • The ‘breakaway strategy’ from Occupy World Street
  • How can we reform the financial system?
  • Are small relocalised economies reforming or replacing large scale globalised systems?

Read the whole programme here.

This webinar is brought to you by Gaia Education and Schumacher College.

Register here to attend the live webinar!


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