Pelangi – Analysis and Design Proposal for the Pelangi Farm Community Authors Daria (a Design Studio Case Study)

6 January 2020

Turn your inspiration into action. Learn how to develop analytical skills that can apply to consulting and practising sustainable design.

The Pelangi Project is a exciting output of the Design Studio, which participants of the Design for Sustainability (GEDS) programme are able to engage with once they have completed the four dimensions- social, ecological, economic design & worldview.

The focus of the Design Studio is to get you to think about and practise integrative whole systems design, go through the experience of co-designing with others to create a detailed project proposal and design, and to recapitulate and integrate what you have learned over the year-long programme.

This is a story about a farm transforming into a regenerative, inclusive, and sustainable community. The original proposal was submitted by one of the community members and a member of the design team and can be found in Appendix A. Pelangi Farm is a small farm in the Gulf Islands near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The farm is in the early stage of building a thriving community. Our proposal aspires to provide a blueprint and suggestions to help and support them along their path.

The two main goals of this project are:

  • To help the community strengthen its bond with nature
  • To build a more resilient and regenerative community

The Pelangi community house

Pelangi Farm has a strong core group that has found a special magic in the way they communicate, work, relate and care for each other.

The design aims to augment the community’s environmental features in support of their current lifestyle and values.

Key proposals include:

  • Rainwater collection for irrigation and domestic uses
  • Utilizing nature’s life force of regeneration and resilience, partnering with plants and pollinators to:
    ○ restore the land
    ○ infiltrate and filter stormwater
    ○ charge aquifer and prevent erosion

Vegetables in the main garden

View of the greenhouse interior

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