Youth Glocalisers for Change – Global, Local, Ecological

12 November 2019


In March 2019 Gaia Education in collaboration with our local partner organisation in Austria, Plattform Footprint, was awarded project funding to develop a leading-edge sustainability education program for schools in Austria.

To support Austrian students to become ‘glocalisers’, we have developed a youth-focused training package, which blends Plattform Footprint’s work on Ecological Footprint in schools with Gaia Education’s cutting edge curricula and participatory methodology for sustainable development. The project so far included the adaptation of the SDG Training for Multipliers for young people, including the translation of the SDG Flashcards for a younger audience (and into German), so that they can explore the SDGs within a dynamic, question-focused framework. This was followed by a merger and integration of the Ecological Footprint and SDG training curricula into a dynamic, student-focused and experiential learning experience.

We are currently running Youth Glocaliser Workshops in a number of high schools and vocational schools for students aged between 12 and 18 years,  adapting and fine-tuning the training program along the way.

Further workshops in schools are scheduled for the rest of autumn, keeping our Youth Glocalisers workshop facilitators, Peter Gringinger (Gaia Education) and Eva Dobeiner-Madaras (Plattform Footprint) engaged and busy for some time. But we are already planning Youth Glocaliser Teacher Workshops in 2020 in Austria, to teach our concepts, frameworks, tools and pedagogic approaches to a larger number of teachers as Multipliers of the program.

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