Funding granted by Scottish Government to Youth-led Regenerative Farming and Income Generation project in Zambia

Zambia youth-led regenerative farming and income generating practices project, with WWF Zambia and YEFI, has been granted funding from the Scottish Government.

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Signed, sealed and now all hands on deck!

Gaia Education, WWF Zambia and the Young Emerging Farmers Initiative (YEFI) have signed the official grant agreement with the Scottish Government for the delivery of a three-year project set to begin in October this year, in the districts of Chitambo, Serenje and Mkushi in Central Province, Zambia.

Zambian Youth for Conservation, Agriculture and Livelihood Action! (ZYCALA) is one of 13 projects approved by the International Development Division of the Scottish Government “to help individuals and families in Zambia and Rwanda and make a real and lasting difference to communities”.

The project will build capacity of 420 local youth leaders to become active and effective change agents in youth-led campaigning on social and environmental issues, sustainable income generation and food security actions. The youth change agents will reach out to 150,000 more youth to raise awareness of the need for innovative social and natural systems management through multiplier actions on ecosystems regeneration and advocacy campaigns.

ZYCALA will harness Gaia Education’s expertise in community building, agroecology and livelihoods, WWF Zambia’s mastery of conservation, advocacy and communication, and YEFI’s experience in youth-led programmes and young farmers networks.

The empowered youth will work with households to increase food security through diversification and abundance of nutritional farm produce in 27 community enterprises. Beekeeping, vegetable conservation, fisheries, dried turmeric and native tree nurseries have been identified as great opportunities for youth-led income generation.

Scottish Government International Development Minister Alasdair Allan said: “Scotland is outward looking and a good global citizen and we are determined to take a stand in the fight against global poverty, injustice and inequality. Our International Development Strategy sets out how we will work with communities in our partner countries – Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda and Pakistan – to contribute meaningfully to the achievement of the new UN Global Goals.”

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