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Courage Chocolate for an Inclusive Valentine 2020

Courage Chocolate is the outcome of many months of capacity development of young women migrants arriving in Sicily to start a new chapter in their lives as they arrive in a region with the richest concentration of biodiversity in Europe, in terms of medicinal and aromatic herbs.

Their learning journey starts with Mediterranean herb identification followed by chocolate making from tree to bar, including the transformation of the cacao beans into liquor, butter, powder and chocolate. With the mentoring support of a Sicilian master baker, the young women have developed six unique chocolate recipes sold under the brand they themselves developed Courage Chocolate.

Courage Chocolate has been awarded the TuttoFood Milano Prize in 2019 and was sold out during LUSH Manchester Festival, attracting great interest from the engaged LUSH public, eager to know where to source more.

Choose in Valentine 2020

Dark Chocolate with Toasted Almonds & Calamint

Dark Chocolate with Toasted Almonds & Marigold

Watch the Courage Chocolate film here


Project Based Learning – Supporting SDGs Implementation

Gaia Education’s Project Based Learning is a dynamic learning approach in which stakeholders acquire appropriate skills and analytical tools while actively exploring real-life solutions to the challenges of designing sustainable settlements.

We work with traditional and indigenous communities in the global South to improve the way they manage their environments and villages, while addressing climate change vulnerabilities. Engaged communities benefit with more stable and fertile soil, secure supply of food, clean water and enhanced livelihoods.