GEDS-EN Scholarship Application for Worldview Dimension 2024


Please make sure you fill out all the fields of this application. Incomplete applications will be rejected. Please also notice that we provide scholarships for one individual course at a time, and eligibility to subsequent courses will consider your performance in any prior courses for which you have already received a scholarship.

We provide both full and partial scholarships to individuals who may not be able to afford the full price of our programs. Scholarships are subject to the number of paying participants and other factors such as eligibility. Please note that partial scholarships (paying from 25 to 75% of the cost) have more chances to be accepted.
Results will be communicated as soon as we process the applications and up to the starting date of the program.
For questions please send an email to:


Full Name




Which course are you applying for?


Country of current residence


Have you taken other courses at Gaia Education? (check all that apply)


Have you taken online courses before with any other institution?


What are you applying for?


On occasion we accept work-trade applications. This means we provide access to courses in exchange for support in some tasks. Are you interested in a work-trade exchange in case your application is denied?


Tell us about yourself, why do you feel called to take this course?


Tell us about your involvement with social or environmental change (check all what applies)


If you selected "other" above, please explain below


How do you plan to use this course's concepts and skills in your life, work or community?


If your application is accepted, you have a commitment to complete the course and provide a report of how it has impacted you and your community. Are you prepared and planning to fullfil that commitment? Mark all that apply


Is there anything else you think we should know about you or your reason for applying?


Thank you! We will be in touch with you up to a week before the course or program starts. For questions, please connect with:

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