How can Black Holes shake our Worldview

with Pedro Pedrosa

This webinar took place on April 25th of 2019


According to Einstein, a Black Hole is a region in space where the density (compact mass) is so high that creates a gravitational field so strong that nothing, such particles or light, can escape. In a few minutes and without using complex mathematical systems, we will be able to understand what are these singularities.

Besides the natural human curiosity, these cosmic discoveries have a huge impact on our day to day life. The ancient philosophers looked to the sky expecting to find god, later hoping not to find God. Now we look to the sky because, for the first time in humanity, we really can.



Pedro Pedrosa

Pedro is an Astronomer and the website and database administrator at Gaia Education. Pedro Pedrosa worked in the Astrophysics Centre at the University of Porto as an outreach officer for more than 10 years and a research worker in areas related to cosmology, more specifically in the cosmological variation of fundamental constants and in finding optimal observational strategies for future telescopes.

He also has vast experience in volunteer and NGO management and participated in a few humanitarian missions, the last two as part of a rescue team in the Aegean Sea due to the emergency refugees crisis in Greece. Pedro’s role in Gaia Education is to create and implement technological tools to support our outreach and learning activities worldwide.