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Gaia Education is a leading provider of holistic education in sustainability, regenerative practices, and community development. Rooted in the principles of Earth care, people care, and fair share, we empower learners worldwide to build sustainable, thriving communities.

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Findhorn Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC)

A comprehensive two-week course blending theory, practical skills, and community wisdom.

Join us at The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn, one of the biggest and oldest ecovillages in Europe, for a hands-on two-week certificate course on permaculture principles and design practices, with a focus on permaculture in community and methods that will engage the heart, head and hands.

  • Training in Permaculture Design, covering the full Permaculture Association curriculum (which is based upon Bill Mollison’s curriculum, with updates bringing it to the modern day), tailored to the unique people and place of our course;
  • Guest speakers;
  • Diverse learning methods: including facilitated group discussion, practicals (e.g. gardening, fermenting), meditation, song, site visits, students sharing their knowledge, group design projects and more – covering holistic learning through eyes, heart, hands and head;
  • Observing permaculture principles in action, and experiencing how these processes influence systems and site development.
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Design Ecológico GEDS Português

Apresentamos uma série de técnicas, conceitos e ferramentas práticas que se utilizam desta visão integral e sistêmica para projetar ambientes naturais e humanos em harmonia

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Training of Trainers - Damanhur, Italy 2024

Nestled in the alpine foothills north of Piedmont, Italy, between Turin and Aosta, is a truly magical place on earth called Damanhur.

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Hear from our graduates

  • Gaia Education

    Hands-on learning. Holistic view. Integration with inner work. Being plain and clear about spirituality, not hiding it.

    EDE Participant

  • Gaia Education

    Taking this course has been a significant experience to me and I’m glad to be continuing on the journey due to Gaia Education!

    Economic Dimension EN

  • Gaia Education

    I found Silvia and Della to both be brilliant facilitators. The space they created felt warm, safe and inspiring. I really appreciated how, in the initial welcome during the first session they spent time welcoming everyone, all backgrounds, cultures, genders, priviledges and also included wherever we were emotionally and psychologically.

    Cultivating Renegerative Livelihoods

  • Findhorn PDC - Social Sharing Image (1200 x 628 px) (1) Permaculture Design Certificate - Findhorn GBP 1,200.00

    The content, the videos shared, the medium article links, and presentations by Daniel are really informative, plus the live conversations with Daniel were enlightening and inspiring. A great course, can highly recommend.

    4D Regenerative Design Literacy with Daniel Wahl

  • Gaia Education

    In general, I thought the experience was fantastic overall. To be connected with people from all over the planet working on similar projects to heal the earth and humanity was just absolutely wonderful. I have made some long term connections with people that I hope can be continued into the future.

    Ecosystem Restoration Design

  • Thumbnails - Products - Simplero (6) Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation - Sept 2024 GBP 100.00

    It was wonderful connecting with a group of likeminded people from such diverse backgrounds and knowledge bases. These discussions enriched the course experience, and gave me new angles from which to view from

    Principles and Practices of Deep Transforation

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