Designing for Regeneration & Planetary Health

with Daniel Wahl

This webinar took place on October 18th, 2018

We are living in a time of profound changes. Multiple converging crises are challenging us to come together as one species on a planet in peril to co-create a transformative response or risk catastrophic climate change and the breakdown of civilisation. The generations alive today are being called upon to fundamentally redesign the human impact on Earth. At the same time a number of converging opportunities are leading to a confluence between organisations, frameworks, and initiatives that are actively working on regenerative development, ecosystems restoration, planetary health and bioregional pathways towards creating diverse regenerative cultures everywhere.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Learn to conceive health and ‘patterns of regeneration’ as emergent properties of interconnected complex dynamic systems at local, regional and global scale.
  2. Gain a glocal overview of some of the converging opportunities between countless initiatives in the field of regenerative agriculture, business, economics, education and communities within the context of the restoration of ecosystems and the regeneration of the Earth and her people.
  3. Appreciate the need for – and opportunities generated by – a bioregionally focused regenerative development process that is enabled by glocal collaboration, knowledge exchange and solidarity, and how it will lead to the co-creation of diverse regenerative cultures elegantly adapted to the biocultural uniqueness of the places they inhabit.
daniel wahl

Daniel Wahl

Daniel has been working on integrated whole systems approaches to ecological design, sustainability, planetary health and regenerative development for more than 20 years. His 2006 PhD on ‘Design for Human and Planetary Health’ was an early contribution to this emerging trans-disciplinary approach to health and sustainability. Since the publication of his book Designing Regenerative Cultures in 2016 and through his active social media work, Daniel has become a thought leader and weaver of international collaborations and glocal implementations of regenerative practice. In this webinar he will share some reflections and useful frameworks that can help glocal change agents to facilitate the emergence of positive change at local, bioregional and global scales.