Ecosystem Restoration Changes Lives

Talk with the Experts

The Ecosystem Restoration Design Course WORKS.

Meet some of the course’s past students as they share how taking the course helped them create their own restoration project.

Do you dream of creating your very own ecosystem restoration project to restore somewhere that you love?
Do you want to connect with other budding practitioners worldwide to feel a part of the global community of ecosystem restorers?
How about meeting and getting advice from some of the world’s top professionals?

In this information session you will be hearing from teachers and alumni as well as representatives from both the Ecosystems Restoration Camps and Gaia Education.

The speakers & their projects:

  • Alan Watson Featherstone - Teacher of Restoring Temperate Forests and Founder of Trees for Life, a charity restoring the Great Caledonian Forest of Scotland.
  • Helen Hodgekinson - ERD alumni 2020 - Creator of the Wootton Fields - reforesting her local park in her new role as local councillor.
  • Wegesa Jane - ERD alumni 2020 - Creator of the Bokoma Ikolojia Regeneration Project - a project to regenerate pastoral lands and livelihoods in Kenya
  • Teryl Chapel - ERD alumni 2020 - Creator of Virsoleil, a Regenerative Living Centre in France
  • Marianne Amores - ERD alumni 2020 - Creator of Regenesis, a company regenerating people, ecosystems, government, and industry in the Philippines

Find out how the ERD course changed their lives and how it could change yours. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at