Exploring Blockchain Frontiers

with Peter Johnson

This webinar took place on June 11th of 2019



In this lively Glocalisers webinar Gaia Education CEO, May East will explore blockchain technology in a conversation with Peter Johnson regarding the upcoming Gaia Education online course “Exploring Blockchain Frontiers” where participants will be introduced to blockchain and how it relates to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. During the course participants will be guided on how the technology can be applied to projects in their own work or community.


Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Peter is one of the 100 Top Fintech for SDGs influencers in 2019 who are leveraging the power of fintech and blockchain technology to create a positive impact on the future (recognised by LATTICE80 and FinTech4Good). As founder and CEO of Ayadee, Peter leads an international team building solutions using blockchain for public and private sector entities, focusing on agricultural supply chains and humanitarian assistance. He lectures regularly about blockchain at universities and advises on how blockchain can be integrated into international development projects funded by the European Commission. Prior to entering the blockchain space he worked for the U.S. Department of State.