“Planting the seeds of regeneration & change globally”

So, what’s the idea?

As our online courses become increasingly popular and our NGO grows, we wanted to reach out & team up!! With organisations in our networks who are pioneering grassroots change on the ground! Together we can create short courses on topics covering different areas of our 4-Dimensional Curriculum. We’re calling the initiative... Gaia Seeds! Through this network, we aim to continue to support our Community of Practice with the knowledge, tools and skills to shift towards a more regenerative human society on our precious planet. 

Our Vision 

Is to co-create with you a collection of bitesize, affordable classes teaching people the wisdom & practical tools in your chosen field of expertise. We will, step-by-step, guide students to take realistic actions towards regenerative lifestyle changes under the social, economic, ecological and worldview categories. Because we strongly believe the world can change one person & one community at a time!

  • Do you know how to construct the perfect compost toilet?
  • Are you an urban permaculturalist, budding with ideas to create city permaculture gardens?
  • Can you shift worldviews through storytelling?
  • Maybe you’re a skilled eco-social enterprise wiz kid? 
  • Or an educator able to train groups in community games?

Whatever your idea or skillset, we’d love to hear from you!

How will it work?

Courses will be self-paced (at least for now), can last from 10 to 80 hours, and will be presented under a simple, general template created by Gaia Education with multimedia materials you will develop. 

Gaia Education can guide you in creating videos, depending on your current capacity. 

We will set the course fee between £10 and £50, so you will need to bear that in mind.

We aim to share the income 50/50 with you, depending on the support you need.

What do you think?

If you've got this far and feel called to collaborate with us, share your expertise and inspire the world to live more regeneratively and sustainably, then fill in the registration form at the bottom of the page. 

You will need to let us know:

  • The course name and summary
  • Its relation to our 4D mandala
  • How long will it take you to have the course and materials ready, and what help do you need from us
  • The course level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • What resources do you aim to create
  • What languages can you do it in (we usually offer English, Spanish and Portuguese)

Once we’ve received your application, we will decipher whether it fits in our current priorities under the 4D mandala or not. We’ll get in touch with you if we’re keen to develop the idea immediately or work on it later. Don’t be disheartened if your course doesn’t align right away. We’re happy to discuss ways to adapt the course into alignment with Gaia Education. 

As we grow, we are forever grateful to all the partner organisations in our networks, keeping us up-to-date and relevant as new innovations emerge at an ever faster pace and informing the content of our courses!

As part of the Gaian family, we look forward to hearing from you. Let’s start the creative process!  

With love,

The Gaia Education Team