A "New Story for the Earth"

with Hildur Jackson

This webinar took place on December 13th, 2014

Webinar that puts forward a New Story for Earth that allows us to live a new worldview of interconnectedness; rather than independence as per the old paradigm. Hildur Jackson, co-author of the book “Ecovillage Living, Restoring the Earth and Her People”, presents information found in the Gaia Education EDE curriculum, including:
• Understanding why the existing worldview of separation no longer serve humanity well.
• Exploring what a new story could look like.
• Pointing out how and where it is happening all over the planet right now.
• A single page handout with Hildur’s New Story for you to print and post on your fridge or the bathroom will be provided.



Hildur Jackson

Hildur was born in Denmark in 1942 and spent most of her life in the suburbs of Copenhagen. She had a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Copenhagen and also did postgraduate studies there in cultural sociology.

In the 1980s she coordinated for seven years the Nordic Alternative Campaign, a movement of 100 peace, environmental and women groups who aligned themselves with the scientific community to build a vision of how to solve the global, the social and the environmental problems and find ways of realizing this vision.

In 1987 she and her husband Ross initiated Gaia Trust with the purpose of healing Gaia. Together with Ross and Bernard Lietaer she formulated the Gaia Trust strategy – with primary emphasis on yin (how we want to live with each other and the natural world) with support from yang (technology and economy).