Ecovillage Design Education:

Why is it relevant today? 

Thursday, February 16th at 18h UTC/19h CET

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The EDE curriculum was created by a group of cutting-edge educators from the
Ecovillage Movement almost 20 years ago, and it is even more relevant to create change today.

This webinar brings together truly experienced EDE educators that have been working with it all over the world in very diverse scenarios.  It aims to shed light on crucial points of why and how the EDE can create systemic change. 

As we face multiple global crises, it's important we educate ourselves & learn tools to help us shift towards a better future! 

Macaco Tamerice 

Macaco Tamerice (Martina Grosse Burlage) is a sociologist, a life coach for meaningful relationships specialized in community-building, inner transformation, leadership and conflict resolution.
She has been living at Damanhur since 1993, where she has held many roles of social and artistic responsibility, not last leading the Federation.
In 2008, she became Vice President and then President of the Global Ecovillage Network-Europe (GEN Europe) until 2015. She is one of GEN’s UN representatives and the President of the NGO Damanhur Education.
Macaco is a multi-lingual international speaker, facilitator of many courses and seminars and a certified GEESE Educator (since 2011)
Trained in music and voice, she has toured as a professional jazz singer in Europe, Canada and Japan and has lead voice classes and seminars since 1984. In her life she has been active in many fields of sustainability, from the social realm and engaged spirituality to economy and eco-building. She lives in a straw bale house that she built together with her husband.


Taisa Mattos 

GEN Education and Research Coordinatoris an experienced Gaia Education certified trainer. She has coordinated and taught Ecovillage Design Education Programmes since 2009, having contributed to 27 programmes so far, all over Brazil, also in Portugal, Argentina, Mozambique and online. Taisa works as an international trainer and consultant in the fields of sustainability, social innovations and community life. 

Ecovillage researcher and Board member of the International Communal Studies Association (ICSA), Taisa is the author of the book Ecovillages: building a regenerative culture. She holds a masters degree in Communities and Social Ecology.

Lead author of the GEN Regenerative Urban Communities Manual and Project Coordinator of the Ecovillage Transition in Action project, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project on collaboration between community-led initiatives and local authorities for regional sustainability.

Daniel Greenberg

Daniel is the current Director of Education at the Findhorn Foundation. After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Psychology and University of Minnesota with a Ph.D. in Child Development, he worked with children at the Findhorn Foundation in northern Scotland and, in 1999, founded and directed Living Routes, an NGO that ran study abroad programs in “ecovillages” around the world. He then co-founded Gaia Education and later created Earth Deeds, which helps people meaningfully account for their environmental impacts. Daniel has lived in the U.S, Scotland, India, and Canada and has visited over 100 ecovillages in over 20 countries.