Webinar Ecosystem Restoration Design

November 23rd, at 5 PM UTC


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  • Do you dream of creating your very own ecosystem restoration project to restore somewhere that you love?
  • Do you want to connect with other budding practitioners worldwide to feel a part of the global community of ecosystem restorers?
  • How about meeting and getting advice from some of the world's top professionals? 

Then the Ecosystem Restoration Design is the best restoration course you can get! You'll learn from the world's top restoration experts and be part of the largest global community of ecosystem restorers.

In this webinar session you will be able to meet the teachers and hear directly from the course's past students how taking the course helped them create their own restoration project.


Join us! At the session you'll also have the chance to chat about the course and get all your questions answered by the teachers and representatives from both the Ecosystems Restoration Communities and Gaia Education.


John D. Liu

(Commonland Foundation)

Ecosystem restoration researcher, educator and filmmaker, has dedicated his life to sharing real-world examples of once-degraded landscapes newly restored to their original fertile and biodiverse beauty. Liu is director of the Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP), ecosystem ambassador for the Commonland Foundation and a visiting research fellow at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Alan Watson Featherstone

(Trees for Life)

Ecologist, nature photographer and inspirational speaker, founder of the award-winning charity Trees for Life.

Daan Bleichrodt

(Tiny Forest)

Product developer, project leader and visual trainer. Creator of the Tiny Forest, Tuiny Forest, the BinnenBos and the National Outdoor Lessons Day. His personal mission is to create natural contact between people and nature. Children who build a bond with nature at a young age are not only healthier and happier, but also socially involved. In this way he trains the nature conservationists of the future in a playful way.


Past Students

  • Iona Clive - ERD alumni - Creative Scientist. Regenerating ecosystems & utilising land-use to create resource resiliency.
  • Jürgen Adam - ERD alumni - Researcher and lecturer in structural geology, energy geosciences, salt tectonics, neotectonics, and geomechanics..

Hosted by

Ashleigh Brown

(Ecosystems Restoration Communities)

Business Development Manager at Ecosystem Restoration Communities is a lover of nature, togetherness and understanding of different cultures and perspectives. Originally from England, she began her career as a teacher, travelling around Europe and Asia, teaching in various schools and education centres. These experiences inspired her to want to help the world’s poor by improving their quality of education provision. She has been involved with the ERC since its inception, helping to grow the organisation from its infancy, and manages project development and fundraising, as well as helping to communicating its message.


Silvia di Blasio

(Gaia Education)

Silvia is Gaia Education academic and eLearning coordinator. She also co-facilitates the Worldview Dimension of the GEDS in Spanish, the Cultivating Regenerative Livelihoods course and the Design for Resilience course.

Silvia holds a certificate in Permaculture, a certificate in Disaster Management and is a Gaia Education Certified Trainer. She has experience in various fields and has years of experience in community resilience and related fields.

Yan Teixeira

(Gaia Education eLearning Coordinator)

Graduated in engineering, he has been exploring a holistic worldview in his life, as well as a concept of sustainability and regeneration. Has experience supporting EDEs and educational projects, leading to an era of collaboration and transformation.