Regenerative Individuals for a New Economy

with Jorge Mello

This webinar took place on January 24th of 2019


This webinar presents a pragmatical reflection about the importance of individuals as agents for a new approach in Economy. Besides the exposition of facts and data about the nowadays unsustainable mainstream economic model, we will look at some fruitful examples and potential fields of exploration for the concepts of (G)Localisation, Net-Economy and Ecosophy.

Learning outcomes:

  • Connect with the essential need of an interdisciplinary knowledge and integrative action, in order to overcome the global crisis we are facing;
  • Realise the power we all have – at the local and global scale – through our lifestyle and daily life choices, and the main obstacles that are usually blocking our way in our context;
  • Identify potential areas where initiatives like Gaia Education can make the difference, and strategise thoughtfully.



Jorge Mello

Jorge is a Brazilian economist, Jorge has acted as an environmentalist and social activist for many years. Educator trained in the constructivist view of learning, he has studied and has experience in non-linear approaches to Economy. Integrating practice and theory, he is currently working on developing and testing a system of social economy based on buddhist ethics, and according principles of E.F.Schumacher’s book “Small is Beautiful”.