Shifting the Global Economy Towards Sustainability

with Ross Jackson

This webinar took place on September 30th, 2014

The second webinar in our series gives a better understanding of how the global economy currently works and the urgency we face to create change, recognizing that the global economic system can be a major obstacle to local change and that there is a need to change the ground rules of global economics if we are ever to create a sustainable society at the local level. Ross Jackson, author of the book “Occupy World Street”, puts forward an alternative international political/economic model to deal with the dilemma facing the world community and a concrete strategy to implement it. This webinar will give information presented in the Gaia Education EDE curriculum, including:

• An understanding of how the global economy currently works and the urgency we face to create change.
• Ways in which the global economy can be turned towards sustainability, and some of the solutions being proposed by our invited special presenter. 



Ross Jackson

Ross was born in Canada in 1938, and came to Denmark in 1964 immediately after completing his Ph.D. studies in Operations Research at Case Western University, USA.

He founded his own consulting firm in 1966 with American colleague, and later professor at the Danish Business School, Dr. Peter Pruzan, also an O.R. graduate from Case Western University.

Besides his continuing role as chair of Gaia Trust and member of the International Advisory Council for the Global Ecovillage Network, he was also the major shareholder in Scandinavia’s leading organic foods wholesaler (Urtekram). Ross is also a founding board member of Gaia Education, which has developed a UNITAR-approved 4-week education in Ecovillage Design, now been offered at ecovillages  and teaching centers around the world and in an on-line version with the Open University of Catalonia.