Transformative Change, Sustainability and Regeneration

with Fritjof Capra


This webinar took place on January 29th, 2018

More than two years have passed since the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals, and the number of companies reporting against the SDGs is on the rise. The Global Goals, adopted by 190 countries in 2015, provide a global framework and call to action for business, government, and civil society to collaborate on resolving the world’s biggest challenges. However, while awareness of the ‘UN Agenda 2030’ is growing, on-the-ground implementation of the goals by civil society, public authorities and business is lagging behind.

In this webinar, Simon Robinson will talk to Fritjof Capra and Daniel Wahl to explore why many civil society organisations are still critical of the SDGs and how the ‘Global Goals’ could improve multi-stakeholder collaboration between business, public authorities and civil society at the local and regional scale.

Taking a systemic approach to transformative change, sustainability and regeneration, the webinar will take a starting point with the SDGs and then move on to explore related issues:
  • the difference between qualitative and quantitative growth,
  • incremental and transformative change,
  • potential pitfalls of ‘scaling-up’ solutions,
  • educational approaches preparing people for whole systems design and cross-sectoral collaboration, and
  • how everyone has a role in the local, regional, and global transition towards increased sustainability and diverse regenerative cultures.



Fritjof Capra

Fritjof is an Austrian-born American physicist, systems theorist and deep ecologist. In 1995, he became a founding director of the Center for Ecoliteracy, in Berkeley, California. 

He is the author of several books, including  The Tao of Physics (1975), The Turning Point (1982), Uncommon Wisdom (1988), The Web of Life (1996), and The Hidden Connections (2002), and co-author of The Systems View of Life (2014).