Conversations on Resilience

Interviewing Rosemary Morrow from Permaculture for Refugees

August 11 @ 22:00 UTC / August 12 @ 8 AM AEST

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Join us for a series of conversations on community and individual resilience.

 With climate change already here and a series of connected crises (political, social, financial), it is more important than ever to work on improving the resilience of individuals and communities. From the psychological and social aspects to the more practical aspects of creating or preserving resilient systems for water, food, energy, transportation and communication. These conversations with experienced "resilient builders" will bring some light on how we can create safe and nurturing spaces for ourselves and those around us in times that will be increasingly challenging for all.

At Gaia Education, we want our participants to learn how to prepare and respond, becoming more resilient at the psychological (worldview), social, economic and ecological levels. 

We believe that the best way to be resilient is by creating regenerative communities and households and cultivating regenerative livelihoods for all.

In this webinar series we are inviting speakers, activists and authors who have been researching, documenting, working and teaching about resilience in communities.

In this interview, we will feature Rosemary (Rowe) Morrow. She has over 40 years of experience teaching and practicing permaculture with vulnerable populations from around the world. 

Permaculture has a track record of having being used many times in development work, environmental restoration, and post-disaster relief in the 40+ years of its existence.

Rosemary Morrow

Rosemary Morrow (Rowe), P4R co-founder, Council Member, trainer and network member

For almost 40 years Rowe has worked extensively with farmers and villagers in Africa, Central and South East Asia and Eastern Europe, especially dedicating the last few years to refugees in camps – the people of war-torn nations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Uganda, Syria Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and East Timor, and to communities experiencing the serious effects of climate change like the Solomon Islands, and the effects of the GFC, like Spain, Greece and Portugal. 

She founded Permaculture for Refugees (P4R) with a small group of people and conducted permaculture courses in camps in seven countries with large refugee populations to establish whether permaculture could provide a radically different model for refugee camps.



Silvia Di Blasio

Silvia is Gaia Education academic and eLearning coordinator. She also co-facilitates the Worldview Dimension of the GEDS in Spanish, the Cultivating Regenerative Livelihoods course and the Design for Resilience course. Silvia holds a certificate in permaculture, a certificate in disaster management and is a Gaia Education certified trainer. She has experience in various fields and has years of experience in community resilience and related fields.

Silvia Di Blasio

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