From Sustainability to Social Impact and Regeneration – New Rules for New Business 

In an age where consumers and stakeholders are actively engaged on corporate approaches to societal and environmental needs, businesses are needing to go beyond the linear way of thinking product development, profit and production.
Join us as we hear from Monica Picavêa, a leader in regenerative business and Fellow for The ‘Rockefeller Foundation Global Fellowship Program on Social Innovation 2016’, as she brings options to the‘business as usual’ paradigm.

In this webinar you will be able to:

  • learn about B Corps, a new certification scheme seeking to evaluate companies that have positive impacts on society, environment and economy
  • understand what social impact and shared value mean in business
  • explore the values of companies and startups that create solutions towards a positive impact on society
  • discover how some businesses are aligning their corporate strategies with the SDGs for the regeneration of our planet


Monica Picavea

Monica Picavêa

Monica has been leading social impact programmes in Brazil since her teens. She graduated in journalism, before doing an MBA in the USA.
A Faculty member of Gaia Education since 2009, Monica facilitated the first Gaia in Transition in Vila Brasilândia, the largest low-income community in South America.
In 2016, her company, Oficina para Sustentabilidade, was elected by Be The Change as one of the best social enterprises in the world and she was nominated a Rockefeller Fellow amongst 21 global entrepreneurs. She is currently investigating how to measure social impact in societies by adopting systems thinking in a series of international collaborations.

Read Monica’s inspiring story in the article ‘A former Gaia Education student’s path to becoming a changemaker‘.