Conversations on Resilience

Interviewing Tom Llewellyn from Shareable/The Response

This webinar took place on June 28th 2023.
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Did you know that local residents are not only the fastest to respond to an emergency but the ones that respond the most?

When an emergency hits (hurricanes, storms, earthquakes), emergency response can be slow or not enough. Formal emergency response from organizations such as firefighters, humanitarian aid and governments may be overwhelmed or unable to reach a place, may be insuficcient and in most cases, they are trained and equipped to provide rescue, transportation, evacuation and the basics while the emergency happens and for a few days or weeks. They are not equipped or trained to address pre-existing systemic issues that may reflect on housing, access to quality food and water and go beyond the disaster, affecting people ability to rebuild.

At Gaia Education, we want our participants to learn how to prepare and respond, becoming more resilient at the psychological (worldview), social, economic and ecological levels. 

We believe that the best way to be resilient is by creating regenerative communities and households and cultivating regenerative livelihoods for all.

In this webinar series we are inviting speakers, activists and authors who have been researching, documenting, working and teaching about resilience in communities.

This webinar consists in two parts:

  1. Watch "The Response" documentary in any chosen language: English, Spanish or Portuguese
  2. Join the discussion with Tom Lewellyn from Shareable. You will be able to ask questions and share with others.

The Response from, is a documentary film, book, and podcast series exploring how communities are building collective resilience in the wake of disasters.

In 2020, the Shareable team released their award-winning 30-minute micro-budget film, “The Response: How Puerto Ricans Are Restoring Power to the People,” which explores how the mutual aid centers sprung up across the island while centering the voices of those involved in these bold grassroots relief efforts and the movement for popular power that is continuing to emerge.

Tom Llewellyn Headshot (rectangle)

Tom Lewellyn


Tom Llewellyn is the interim executive director for Shareable, a nonprofit news + action hub promoting people-powered solutions for the common good. As part of his role at Shareable, he is the executive producer and host of the award-winning documentary and podcast series “The Response,” co-producer of the "Cities@Tufts Lectures Podcast," and leads communications for the Rural Power Coalition.


Silvia Di Blasio

Silvia is Gaia Education academic and eLearning coordinator. She also co-facilitates the Worldview Dimension of the GEDS in Spanish, the Cultivating Regenerative Livelihoods course and the Design for Resilience course. Silvia holds a certificate in permaculture, a certificate in disaster management and is a Gaia Education certified trainer. She has experience in various fields and has years of experience in community resilience and related fields.

Silvia Di Blasio
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