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Partners and Supporters might use Gaia Education logo in their materials (printed or digital). The logo of Gaia Education have been evolving through time until the status we have currently.

How we started

 How it was

How it is

How to use our logo?

The logo of Gaia Education can be used in two different formats. The complete logo or just the symbol of Gaia Education. 


4 5 Untitled design (3)
White Background
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Dark Background
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Dark Background with Gradient
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Gaia education dot logo

C30 M96 Y22 K0                   

C30 M96 Y22 K0                           

C67 M0 Y13 K0                   

C39 M9 Y97 K0                   

C3 M30 Y93 K0                   

C0 M78 Y89 K0                   

C0 M96 Y86 K0                   

C97 M100 Y36 K7                   


This is a Title in Mulish (32 px size)

This is a subtitle in Mulish (22 Px size)

This is the body in Mulish (16 px size).

This is the body with bold, also in Mulish.


If you are an EDE host we provide you with several options for you programme logo. You are free to use them, in any case we ask you to display in the pages and marketing materials the Certified by Gaia Education logo.


Certified by Gaia Education


EDE Option Logo Template


GE Facilitators and Trainers

Gaia Education has a big number of facilitators and Certified Trainers. All of them are a big part of our family. Feel free to identify yourself as one of our facilitators and trainers by using one of the logos above. 

Gaia Education Facilitator

Certified Trainer