At Gaia Education We 

Educate participants of all ages and cultural backgrounds
Give you the tools to restore balance to our world, 
Respond to the interconnected challenges of our modern world, 
Share grass-roots practices and wisdom via our learning communities, 
Celebrate intentional communities and alternative lifestyles and share practices that are proven successful for the development and regeneration of ourselves and nature, 
Restore ecosystems, learning to live in harmony with nature, not against it
Distribute wealth fairly,
Encourage systemic thinking to help you integrate holistic solutions for optimal results, 
Improve the quality of life for future generations,
Create communities of change-makers capable of actively transitioning their local communities.

Our team created an international playlist. Take a listen whilst you look around. 

  • Gaia Education

    “Since studying with Gaia Education I've started a project -
    @biodiversebalconies - restoring city balconies to be more biodiverse. I've used many tools I learned during the Ecosystem Restoration Design course, like vertical gardening & permaculture.
    I think there is much to gain in urban ecosystem restoration, especially
    by using roofs and vertical spaces. I also wanted a project that has the
    power to activate people to take responsibility and care for their own
    spaces, however small they might be.
    I had a wonderful time doing the course. It was a great beginning to my journey! ”

    Ecosystem Restoration Design Student

  • Gaia Education

    “"As this is a subject I am starting to deeply integrate into all of my work (integrating spirituality - presence/essence & without planetary health no human health, deepening my knowledge and learning expanded viewpoints on specific things, way of articulating things (eg. 'place social change activism on the spiritual agenda'), was truly enriching. I really want to dive deeper in all of this"”

    Worldview dimension, Germany

  • Gaia Education

    “"I feel my mind has been opened in many directions - i want to go on and learn more and I want to be able to apply this learning in my community"”

    Katherine, UK

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