Use Gaia Education’s SDG Flashcards kit to help your community, school, university or business to design projects implementing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in your local area. Become a trainer or ‘multiplier’ of SDG awareness in schools, universities and communities.


Gaia Education’s SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Flashcards  are currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Japanese and soon in Estonian and Danish. The SDG Multipliers Handbook is currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 


What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

In 2015, all 193 countries of the world agreed to the Paris Climate Agreement to reign in climate change and created the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to make our world sustainable by 2030 and to leave no one behind.

Here are the 17 goals


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Gaia Education’s SDG Flashcards and ‘Multiplier’ Manual

Gaia Education worked with UNESCO  on its Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development and our programmes continue to be endorsed through their #ESDfor2030.

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With our deep understanding of the SDGs, having been a Chapter Lead in SDG 4 for the UK’s National SDGs Plan, we have created our flashcards and free manual to help people connect to the SDGs, better understand their potential, and design projects which help their communities contribute to the SDG targets!

How do our Multiplier workshops and Flashcards work?

Our SDG Flashcards were developed as a tool to help SDG implementation at the local community or company scale. They also help people think in a more holistic way about the SDGs using ‘Gaia Education’s unique 4-Dimensional Mandala to reflect on and go a bit deeper with the SDGs.


There are 61 SDG cards in a pack and they look like this:


The Flashcards’ contain 3 cards for each of the 17 SDGs.  The basic trends on the cards of each SDG are the same, but the three different cards each offer different questions that small groups can work on to reflect on that particular SDG as part of their project design.

In addition to the 3 x 17 cards addressing specific SDGs, there are ten cards that address systemic interconnections between the SDGs, offer a basic timeline of the UN’s sustainable development process, offer some context of the SDGs within UNESCO’s ‘Roadmap for Implementation’ and more.

In a nutshell, the cards are an easy-to-use teaching tool that enables trainers (multipliers) to take the conversations about SDG implementation into local schools, town halls, community groups, NGOs, businesses, universities, etc.

More background information on the SDG flashcards and how to use them can be found here.

SDG Flashcards

And to help you in your project design, you have an SDG Project Canvas in the toolkit:


The SDG Project Canvas is a great tool for identifying the main key activities, resources, partners and impact for your project.

It covers the main points you need to take into consideration when implementing a project in your bioregion that will create a regenerative shift towards a more sustainable and socially just region.

You can find more information about the SDG project canvas here.

About the Project Canvas
SDG Wheel

SDG Wheel Mapping Tool

The SDG Wheel Mapping Tool provides you with a simple graphic tool to map out your local groups, projects, initiatives, organisations, businesses etc. and how they relate to and tackle various SDG and most importantly how they interact in a systems based manner (projects or organisations). Use this template printed on a large scale (A1 or A0) to provide you with sufficient space to map your SDG systems in your context. Most useful for local SDG implementation workshops. 

Download the Wheel



In combination with the cards, handbook and other tools, you can help spread SDG conversations that matter and lead the design of local and regional projects everywhere!

Agenda 2030 will be achieved only if communities, businesses, local governments and civil society organisations, as well as schools and universities everywhere, come to understand the Sustainable Development Goals as a shared vision for cross-sector collaboration. The SDGs are a huge opportunity to commit together to making the global goals our shared local goals. We at Gaia Education sincerely hope that the flashcards, handbook, project canvas, and training of multipliers will contribute to this process. Let’s do it together!




Keen to try the toolkit out? No problem! Simply order the flashcards on this link, and download a free English ‘Multiplier’s Manual here.

That’s it! You can just get started!

Let us know how you got on, or if you need any support from us.

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Get more info on our workshops for:

Click on one of the areas below which interest you for SDG related work and you will get further information on a typical cost of a workshop, timetable of a typical half-day workshop, timetable of a typical full-day workshop as well as examples of detailed workshop scripts for half- and full-day workshops. Workshop testimonies can be found further below. If you need a local SDG trainer/multiplier for conducting your workshop at your location  please contact us.


  • "The SDG ToM was insightful and the focus was on local and regional implementation"


  • "The SDG ToM was fantastic"



  • "I started into the SDG ToM as a sceptic and ended w/ knowledge of how useful the SDGs are in framing the work and getting funding using them"

    Michelle Hippler

    United States

  • "I used the SDG Flashcards in indigenous contexts as well with youth and the images are very useful to create a first and fast connection and possibility to engage and interact"



  • "The SDG ToM helped to better understand the SDG and integrate the SDG into my own work and projects"


  • "I will definitely be using the SDG Flashcards as I build my projects going forward"


    United States

  • "I led SDG ToM myself and each time i gained insights how SDG can inform diverse projects"

    Jane Rasbash

    United Kingdom

  • "In my own SDG ToM I could fully show and the profound interconnectedness of the 17 goals"



  • "The SDG materials are exceptionally excellent"



  • "The Gaia Education 4D framework is very useful and its connection to the SDG"


Gaia Education offers a number of trainings and different formats so you can become an SDG Multiplier or practitioner in your community (or school, university/college, local authority, NGO, organisation,...) to support the local community based and project oriented, whole systems design based implementation of the SDG:

Introductory Course on "How to Use Gaia Education's SDG Flashcards/Tools"

  • Online
  • Self-paced
  • ~2-3 hours duration

Accessible when you purchase your set of the  SDG Flashcards.

Basic introductory training on the SDG, SDG flashcards and tools and how to use them to start SDG community conversations and initiatives. 

Target group: All who are new to the SDG and/or the  SDG flashcards and other SDG tools and want to learn how to work with the SDG Flashcards/Tools in their own contexts.

Find out more about this Intro to SDG Tools Training below.

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Face to face SDG Training of Multipliers

  • One day workshop
  • Facilitated by a Gaia Education
    SDG Trainer
  • Organised either by Gaia Education or on demand at your location

Training on the SDG, SDG flashcards, and other SDG tools and methods and approaches to facilitate SDG workshops in your community (or schools, university/college, local authority, NGO, etc) and contexts.

Target Group: All who wish to work with the SDG flashcards and the other SDG tools in their contexts (schools, universities, communities) and want to learn how to work with the SDG flashcards and facilitate outcome and project oriented workshops in your community.

Upon completion of the face to face SDG ToM you will have experienced the tools and processes to facilitate community conversations on the SDG and to support the development of SDG projects. 

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Online SDG Training of Multipliers

Design for Community SDG Projects

  • Online facilitated workshop
  • 6-weeks total duration (30 hours)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous

In depth training on the SDG and Agenda 2030, the SDG flashcards and other approaches and tools to learn in depth about the background, development and whole systems based, integral implementation of the SDG and translate it into your own engagement and use in your own community or organisation to facilitate and develop your own workshops, projects, initiatives and content to suit various needs.

Upon completion of this course you will be well equipped to conduct SDG multiplier events or workshops and/or practically use the SDG tools in your SDG projects and initiatives. 

The completion of this course is a part of becoming a Gaia Education SDG Trainer. 

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The SDG story till now and into the future


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Gaia Education’s work with Agenda 2030 and the SDG

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