Board of Trustees

Interim Board Convener

Michael Pace

Michael is a project management methods expert, with decades of experience in project, program, portfolio, and strategic management, across multiple industries.  Michael is a board member of the International Project Management Association, United States Member Association (IPMA-USA), a director with GPM-Global, and a management consultant specializing in sustainability.  Michael is a frequent speaker on project methods & sustainable project management and author of books, book chapters, and case studies. 

Board Effective Member

John Clausen

John has been studying and exploring the evolution of culture and consciousness since the late 1960s. His work currently focuses on community and ecovillage development, philanthropy, networking, investing and sustainability education. He’s especially interested in healthy soil and sustainable food systems. John is President of the Hygeia Foundation for Health Science and the Environment, which he founded in 1977 in the USA, supporting and sponsoring a variety of projects, particularly those that promote sustainable and holistic living. John has been closely associated with the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland since 1974. He currently represents the Findhorn Foundation and Gaia Education at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

Board Effective Member

Anna Kovasna

Anna is dedicated to exploring community as a tool for resilience, regeneration, and liberation. She is the co-founder lead of two initiatives - Ecovillage Resilience 2.5+, doing participatory research with 20 communities about resilience in the face of catastrophic climate change; and Kincentric Leadership through the Polycrisis, supporting leaders to integrate the more than human world in their strategies and activities. Anna previously served as the co-lead and Education and Research Director of the Global Ecovillage Network and is the lead developer of the Ecovillage Impact Assessment, co-developer and facilitator of the European Ecovillage Incubator, Ecovillage Design Cards, and GEN Training of Trainers. She did her doctoral research on localisation and community building as tools for socioecological transformation, and also serves as a trustee of Transition Network. Having lived in the Findhorn Ecovillage for ten years, she now lives on a mountain farm in France.

Board Effective Member

Bronwen Morgan

Bronwen Morgan has spent 30 years in the field of education and research, exploring and teaching the diverse ways in which law relates to its social and political context. Over the last 15 years, she has taken these interdisciplinary insights from within the academy out beyond the ivory towers to work on reimagining how economy and environment work together. She has found it most rewarding to help build networks and organizations that mix academic research, activism and advocacy. In this capacity she helped co-found the Transition Towns chapter of Montpelier in Bristol UK, the New Economy Network of Australia Cooperative, the Sydney Commons Lab and most recently Regen Sydney. Her vision of mutual learning between plural traditions of education owes much to improvisational practices in music, as playing the fiddle in a band (or occasionally on top of a mountain) is one of her favourite ways to relax.