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Introducing Ubiquity University


Give a warm welcome to our newest partner - Ubiquity University 

"Ubiquity believes in educating the whole person. We want you to discover your passion, unlock your potential and create positive change. That means activating your head in the pursuit of knowledge, your heart in the development of self-mastery, and your hands to make a real-world impact."

We hope this is the start of a fruitful partnership between two dedicated global educational institutions serving you, the global community. Ubi…

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Civilization 2.0


This article was written by Gaia Education certified trainer Albert Bates.

Gaia Education’s online programme Design for Sustainability offers you an opportunity to learn practical effective ways to create the change we all seek in your community. The Ecological Design dimension of the course starts on 9 January 2023 and there are a limited amount of places left for this edition, so sign up now.

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The EDE adventure continued in France for the second successive year!


In October 2022, 25 participants gathered in the ecovillage Sainte-Camelle to explore community living and a regenerative lifestyle – a deep, transformative, joyful and rich experience, at the heart of Life!

As an EDE team, we took this opportunity for a second edition to strengthen the foundations of the program in a French context and to take further steps towards enriching this transformative experience
aiming for a regenerative culture. The list of highlights and learnings is vast …

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Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation

A_JeremyL_PROG_ (Instagram Post1)

A new cycle of the Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation is launching again on the 25th February!

Note that this course also applies to the Holiday campaign if you purchase a £60 coupon for a loved one or for yourself. 

Register now and guarantee a spot!

Learn the principles and practice of Deep Transformation

This course, based largely on the work of Jeremy Lent’s recent book The Web of Meaning, but also drawing on many other diverse sources, lays out principles and practices …

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Reflections on CoP27


This article was written by Gaia Education board member Tim Clarke on his reflections of going to CoP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. 

Now that a bit of dust has settled on the frenetic networking and deal-making of COP27, the Gaia Education COP delegation team, Fasil Bogale (CFO) and Tim Clarke (Trustee), have had time to
reflect on the successes and challenges of the event. They are also asking themselves how, if at all, Gaia Education should continue to interact with COP in the coming years.

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Sustainability educators guiding youth to Regenerative Futures


In July 2022 the team of Gaia YES! Erasmus+ project finally got together for a face-to-face meeting after a couple of years of pandemic restrictions. The team was thrilled to gather in Findhorn at Cluny Hills not only to discuss developments for the project but also to see the ecovillage (that turns 60 this month!) and learn from the people who live there. 

The following post is written by Jane Rasbash - a previous Gaia Education board member, a contributor to the project and a resident of Find…

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The Evolution of Gaia Education


This article was written by Ross Jackson the founder and Chairman of Gaia Education

Gaia Education is an international NGO providing cutting-edge Education for Sustainable and Regenerative Development. In essence, we promote thriving communities within planetary boundaries.

We offer courses, both short and long (a few hours to 8 months), in the holistic design of liveable, sustainable communities, both face-to-face in over 55 countries and online in three languages. In addition, some in-dept…

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Do you know where your water comes from and how it is treated?


Excerpt from the Ecological Design Dimension from our "Design for Sustainability and Regeneration" course

If you would like to learn more and acquire the skills to become an ecological design, then join the Ecological Design course.

The Ecological Design dimension of the Design for Sustainability programme will start on 09 January 2022 and there are still spaces left, so sign up now

When we understand how the water cycle works, the next step into designing ap…

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Macaco Tamerice - a certified Gaia Education trainer

Macaco_coloured-470x705 (1)

Macaco has been involved with Gaia Education for years and has an extensive knowledge in holistic regeneration and teaching facilitation skills. 

How have you been involved with Gaia Education over the years?

I have been involved with Gaia education since 2009, when I did my first EDE (Ecovillage Design Education programme) at Sieben Linden in Germany, thanks to my friend Kosha Joubert. It really was a life changing experience for me and since 2011 I have been organising and teaching EDEs in D…

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Planting Seeds For A Regenerative Future, a conversation with Vandana Shiva

Masterclass&Movie_Vandana_Thumbnail 1290 × 700 px

You're invited to the biggest talk of the year! Internationally acclaimed activist and "Gandhi of grain", Vandana Shiva, will be sitting down with us to discuss some of our most pressing ecological and environmental issues. The Masterclass will take place on December 5 at 2 PM UTC Time. 

Her tenacious spirit has seen her become a defender of the poor and a true advocate for Earth's democracy. Join us as we explore eco-feminism, the ugly truth of GMOs, worldview, the threat of globalisation an…

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