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ToT - Training of Trainers

A life-changing experience:

Discover the transformative power of Gaia Education's Training of Trainers course. Whether you've immersed yourself in our Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) Face-to-Face programme or explored our online Design for Sustainability (GEDS) programme, this course will deepen your teaching skills and empower you to make a difference.


What is the ToT Course?

Accelerate Change:

Learn to teach, facilitate, and train with purpose. Gaia Education's ToT course equips you to engage communities, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable action. Join a global community of learners and discover why participatory methods are crucial for the future of our planet.

Our 2-day module focuses on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the local level, using innovative approaches like our whole-systems inspired SDG Flashcards.

Course Pillars:

  1. Facilitating Participatory Learning Journeys: Empower learners to embrace sustainability on all levels. Gain the skills to facilitate transformative experiences and build learning communities.

  2. Deepening the Edge Work: Explore the intersection of the known and unknown. Learn to innovate, adapt, and thrive in diverse community settings, maximizing impact through creativity and collaboration.

  3. Sustainable Development Goals – Local Implementation: Navigate the tension between global goals and local contexts. Decode UN conventions, integrate SDGs vertically, and translate global agreements into meaningful local action.

Tot logo overview

tot são paulo logo30 Maio - 02 Junho


Mais Detalhes

tot thailand logo2nd -15th September 


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tot damanhur logo 30th Sep - 15 oct

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Tot logo overview

tot-saopaulo30 Maio - 02 Junho

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tot-thailandSeptember 30th - October 5th

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tot-damanhur 2nd -15th September

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  • Comprehensive tutorial support
  • Digital Teacher’s Manual
  • Gaia Youth Activities Guide
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Discount on GEDS online courses
  • Pathway to Gaia Education Certificated Trainers’ Roster
  • Fast track face-to-face course certification
  • Endorsement for engaging in Gaia Education certified programmes

How to Become Certified:

Embark on the Gaia Education learning journey:

  1. Attend a Gaia Education Certified EDE programme
  2. Complete a GEDS online course
  3. Participate in the ToT course
  4. Pass an interview to join the Certificated Trainers’ Roster

Maintain your certified trainer status through ongoing engagement, innovation, and facilitation.


Previous ToTs


ToT Findhorn 2016 (Scotland) - 21 Participants

ToT Thailand 2017 - 32 Participants

ToT Rio de Janeiro 2017 (Brazil) - 44 Participants

ToT Findhorn 2017 (Scotland) - 16 Participants

ToT Thailand 2018 - 32 Participants

ToT Canada 2018 - 24 Participants

ToT Rio de Janeiro 2018 (Brazil) - 36 Participants

ToT Findhorn 2018 (Scotland) - 14 Participants

ToT São Paulo 2018 (Brazil) - 29 Participants

ToT Findhorn 2019 (Scotland) - 8 Participants


ToT Curitiba (Brasil) 2020 - 24 Participants

ToT Estonia 2020 - 11 Participants

ToT Thailand 2020 - 12 Participants

ToT Damanhur 2021 (Italy) - 10 Participants

ToT Damanhur 2022 (Italy) - 13 Participants

ToT Damanhur 2023 (Italy) - 14 Participants

ToT Rio de Janeiro 2023 (Brazil) - 30 Participants

ToT Tolum 2024 (México) - 10 Participants

ToT Thailand 2024 - TBA

Tot Damanhur 2024 (Italy) - TBA

ToT São Paulo 2024 (Brazil) - TBA

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