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Design for Sustainability (GEDS) Programme


Gaia Education’s 14-month flagship online course, Design for Sustainability (GEDS), can help you play your part in redesigning the human presence on Earth from degenerative to regenerative, one person, community, organisation, and bioregion at a time.

The course is offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our expert facilitators take you on a journey through Gaia Education's groundbreaking FOUR dimensional framework - with the crucial Worldview dimension and Design Studio helping you to design regenerative lifestyles, projects, and organisations  using a truly regenerative lens!

Take the whole course at once, or select one module at a time. Or convert it into a Masters or PhD with Ubiquity University!

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Social Dimension

Rediscover the importance of community collaboration rather than competitive advantage, and reconnect with the beauty, compassionate nature and innate power of human beings to co-design the changes they wish to see in their communities and bioregions.

Ecological Dimension

Ecological concerns are fundamental to the design and development of ecovillages and sustainable communities. Such initiatives need to collaborate regionally and globally to improve the whole system for all of humanity and the wider community of life.

Economic Dimension

Our current economic system is no longer sustainable, yet few are aware of the alternatives. In this online learning course you will gain a better understanding of those alternatives and the true meaning of economy and wealth. 

Worldview Dimension

The Worldview dimension invites you to become more conscious about how our own worldview and value system affects our perceived needs and how it informs the way we each might propose and design solutions in any given situation.

Short Online Courses and Webinars

Sustainability Design


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Global experts advise that in order to urge humanity towards sustainability, we need to re-design everything, from our homes to our food, energy, transport and economic systems.

This transformation needs to occur on a grand scale and take into consideration people, planet and livelihoods to arrive at a holistic balance as we humbly endeavour to redesign human presence on Earth.


Long Online Courses







Ecosystem Restoration Design

In partnership with Ecosystem Restoration Camps, it is our pleasure to introduce you to some key ecosystem restoration concepts and approaches, learning from some of the most prominent actors and projects around the world.

Ecosystem Restoration

You'll learn from real-world examples on how to restore natural, urban and agricultural ecosystems.

Business models and Practical Project

Create an ecological restoration plan that includes a design, a budget, and a plan for funding.

Face-to-Face Courses