Join Gaia Education at Findhorn: New frontiers for sustainability

The Ecovillage Findhorn is a synthesis of some of the very best of current thinking on sustainable human settlements. It is a constantly evolving model used as learning environment by a number of university and school groups as well as by professional organisations and municipalities worldwide.
Feasibility studies show carbon reductions and green livelihood opportunities at the ecovillage.


Findhorn Ecovillage, at the heart of the largest single intentional community in the UK

Vision: a new consciousness

A radically transformed world, where humanity embodies the Sacred, we honour each other and co-create wisely and lovingly with all life.


Mission: our path forward

Transformative learning that serves the world, by actively living and sharing our spiritual practices every day:

  • Listening to the sacred within
  • Co-creating with the intelligence of nature
  • Work as love in action
  • We live in clarity and integrity, and seek nothing less than truth
  • We live in openness with deep listening, and seek nothing less than communion

  • We live in gratitude and open-heartedness, and seek nothing less than love

  • We live in courage and willingness, and seek nothing less than our soul’s path

  • We live in cooperation and shared vision, and seek nothing less than alignment with Spirit

  • We live in awareness and responsibility, and seek nothing less than peace

  • We live in acceptance and surrender, and seek nothing less than freedom


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Ecovillage Design Education:

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