Ecovillage Introduction Week: Mini-EDE Findhorn

Programme Overview

Type: Face to Face
Sept 09 to 15th, 2024
Residential: Optional
With Facilitators
Language: English

Location: Findhorn, Scotland

Organised by:

Ecovillage Design Education (EDE)

Gaia Education Ecovillage Design Education programmes, often referred to as ‘EDEs’, provide participants of all ages with the knowledge and practical skills to design communities, projects and organisations with stronger social systems, greater efficiency and healthier environments.

Our immersive Face-to-Face programmes are known to have transformed lives. Previous participants have become agents of positive culture change in their communities, they’ve co-created social enterprises, co-developed innovative projects, started community-led initiatives and became trainers for sustainability themselves – to name only a few paths you can take afterwards. The EDE course equips you with skills you will be able to put into action in any field or sector you are involved with. It also connects you to a global network of change agents and sustainability designers, people who are taking active roles in transitioning their existing communities, institutions and neighbourhoods, as well as leading more joyful, more meaningful and healthier lives.

Gaia Education Mini-EDE

For many people, it is not possible to take time off from work/family/school for a four-week immersive EDE programme. Our new mini-EDEs offer the possibility of experiencing the taste of a full EDE, maintaining the core values and following the 4D Framework, but in a shorter version.

EDE programmes and Mini-EDEs are based on the four core dimensions of Gaia Education’s Ecovillage Design Curriculum: the Social, Worldview, Ecological and Economic dimensions of sustainability. The Curriculum was developed drawing on the experience and expertise developed throughout a network of some of the most successful ecovillages and transition settings around the world.



Ecovillage Introduction Week in Findhorn

The programme brings together a Mini-EDE and an immersive week-long experience in one of the oldest Ecovillages in Europe. During the Ecovillage Introduction Week, you will dive into each of the core dimensions (Social, Ecology, Economy and Worldview) for one day, led by experienced facilitators in their fields and special guests from the Findhorn community, while you get a taste of how it looks like to live in an Ecovillage.

During the programme, you will:

  • Explore the 4 Dimensions of sustainability and regeneration;
  • Engage with the community weekly activities (such as: singing, dancing, meditating, and gardening);
  • Connect with long-term community members;
  • Visit the Findhorn Ecovillage sustainable solutions;
  • Hear stories about this iconic community;
  • Learn and share with us!


The course package includes:

  • 06 days of immersive tuition with the main facilitator and guest trainers from the Ecovillage Findhorn;
  • Lunch every day of the course;
  • Mid-morning and afternoon refreshments;
  • Welcome dinner on arrival and a closing brunch celebration;


Ecovillage Findhorn, where Gaia Education’s HQ is based, is a founding member of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and has been pioneering regenerative ways for humans to live on Planet Earth for over 60 years. Both GEN and Gaia Education itself were created in conferences at this emblematic community.

What You Will Receive?

  • Ecovillage Design Education Curriculum (digital)
  • Mini EDE Certificate of Completion
  • Gaia Education discounts in all online programmes
  • New friends, ideas, inspiration and hope!


Facilitated by Taisa Mattos, with guest facilitators from the Findhorn community. Learn more about them bellow.

Taisa Mattos

Gaia Education Face-to-Face Programmes Coordinator, Gaia Schools Coordinator

Taisa is passionate about ecovillages and regenerative education. She has coordinated and taught Ecovillage Design Education Programmes (EDEs) since 2009, having contributed to over 30 certified EDEs all over in Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Argentina, and online. She was the lead facilitator of Gaia Education Training of Trainers (ToT) in Mexico and a guest trainer of the ToT in Ukraine.
Board member of the International Communal Studies Association. Education & Research Coordinator at the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN International) from 2019 to 2024, she currently serves GEN as consultant and trainer.
Professor at the Post-Graduate Program on Pedagogy of Cooperation and Social Methodologies (UNIP/Projeto Cooperação) in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo since 2014, Taisa holds a master's degree in Communities and Social Ecology (UFRJ), is the author of the book 'Ecovillages: building a regenerative culture'.

Taisa is Brazilian and works globally as a trainer and consultant in the fields of sustainability, regenerative education, social innovations and community life. Member of CASA Brasil (Sustainable Settlements Council of Latin America), she is the co-founder of Terra Una Ecovillage (MG-Brazil) and also contributed, for several years, to Transition (Towns) Initiatives in Rio.

Taisa Mattos
Rona Ribeiro Findhorn

Rona Ribeiro

Rona Ribeiro is a mother, an educa/tor, a psychotherapist, and an enthusiast of human development. She is currently researching the biology of conflict, of loving, and of what can make one thrive. Rona has been living in the Findhorn Community for over 20 years, worked for the Findhorn Foundation for eight years and was an educator for Gaia Education for six years. Rona loves watching her child play and make sense of the world, as well as making sense of her own world of health and relationships.

Craig Gibsone

Originally from Australia, Craig has been a central figure in the development of Permaculture and Ecovillage education at Findhorn and has lived at Findhorn for over 50 years.

Permaculture at Findhorn with Craig Gibsone - (YouTube)

Life in My Whisky Barrel House, Craig Gibsone - Voices of the Findhorn Foundation (YouTube)

Craig Gibsone Findhorn PDC
Maria Cooper Findhorn PDC

Maria Cooper

Originally from Sweden, Maria is deeply involved in the Transition (Towns) and Permaculture movements locally and internationally, and runs the Permaculture Design Courses and Ecovillage Design programmes in Findhorn, where she has been living for years.

Permaculture at Findhorn. Maria Cooper, Craig Gibsone and Morag Gamble (YouTube) - (Maria starting at 5:35)

Kajedo Wanderer Findhorn PDC


Registration does not include accommodation. Participants can book their own accommodation in the Park Ecovillage, or Findhorn village nearby. Options include camping, hostel, ecopods and B&Bs. Please see below for suggestions.
- The course starts at 4pm (UK time) on Monday 9 September. Please make sure to be there at this time!
- The course closes at 3pm (UK time) on Sunday 15 September. Departures later on Sunday or on Monday 16th.

Please note that we need a minimum quorum in order to run the course.
The mini-EDE Findhorn will be confirmed 1 month in advance OR as soon as we reach the minimum quorum (which means that the minimum number of participants have paid in full or a deposit). Make sure your travel plans are flexible!


Each participant is responsible for booking their own accommodation. Please contact the properties directly. Below are some accommodation options:

Guesthouses & B&Bs in the Park:

Cullerne House:

Hostels, chalets and camping in the Park:\

Findhorn Hinterland Trust rustic camping:

Findhorn Village Hostel (dorms & private rooms):

** Prices range from 10-24 GBP per night at a campsite to 50-85 GBP for a single room.

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