Are you feeling burdened and anxious about the climate crisis? Do you want to make a real difference but don't know where to begin? 

Collectively we're standing at a crossroads, a turning point in history where we have the power to choose to move towards a regenerative future. We understand it can seem overwhelming - that's why we want to empower you to become an active change-maker in your local community, impacting communities on a global scale. 

Join the movement empowering you to take steps towards designing a regenerative community! 


Acting locally, impacting globally. 

Our group of leading global sustainability educators created Gaia Education back in 2005. Because, like you, they wanted to see us improve our relationship with nature and our planet. Fast forward to today, and the message is just as vital if not more crucial! If we cannot make these necessary shifts urgently, the outlook for our planets biodiversity and its ecosystems looks bleak

That's why we're here! By choosing to learn with us, you're choosing to become part of a trusted international organisation. We are active across 55 countries and six continents and working with 160 partner organisations. We are an NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information, a Chapter Lead in Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 for the UN 2030 Agenda, and a partner of UNITAR specialised in e-learning and international development training.

Gaia Education has created its leading Education for Sustainable Development curriculum (ESD) based on four dimensions of sustainability (social, ecological,
economic, worldview).

We look at sustainability from a holistic point and take into account the importance of all these aspects in creating a transformative, sustainable change. 

Which includes
 • 4D-ESD-Design courses - with over 350 certified learning programmes reaching 25,000+ students

• An emerging network of 4D-ESD-Design facilitators - Over 90 Gaia Education trained & certified facilitators contributing to programmes for Gaia Education and other ESD efforts.