Meet our Partners

Our programmes have been taking place in 55 countries since 2005. We are very grateful for all our partners and organisers, associates and friends around the world, who have helped us to train more than 25,000 people over the past years.

Main Partner: Gaia Trust

Gaia Trust is a Danish-based charitable trust founded in 1987 on the guiding vision of Hildur and Ross Jackson. Its aim is to support the transition to a sustainable society through grants and proactive initiatives like Gaia Education.

Gaia Trust has always been self-funded by earnings from its very successful daughter company Gaiacorp, a foreign currency manager and advisory firm. The basis for Gaiacorp’s business was software and research donated to Gaia Trust by operations researcher Ross Jackson, who retained 10% of the shares for the first five years. The announced intention from the beginning was to sell off Gaiacorp after about 10 years in order to free up capital for the charitable activities, and this sale was indeed completed in 2000.


Institutional Partners

Academic Partnerships

One of our international partner academic institutions may be offering a Gaia Education accredited course near you.

In addition to being closer to where you live, some of our courses with partner institutions allow you to work while you are learning, whether in a residential programme or online.

Currently a number of universities are partnering with Gaia Education to offer academic credits or a joint certificate for courses based on the Gaia Education whole-systems design curriculum. More universities will join this innovative partnership as we develop relationships with institutions around the world.

If you have academic contacts with a university near you and you think a partnership may be possible, please send their contact address and position title, and let them know that you have recommended them to us for a partnership.

Publishing Partners


Associated Partners