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Potential Major Advisors for MA students

Gaia Education is partnering with Ubiquity University to offer our Design for Sustainability (GEDS) participants with Bachelor's degrees, or equivalent life experience, the opportunity to upgrade your GEDS certificate to a Master’s Degree! GEDS participants already holding a Masters degree can upgrade to a PhD.

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Applications have a non-refundable deposit of £100 which will be appied toward the program fee. Only complete applications will be accepted and processed. 

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Programme Overview

Type: e-Learning
Start Date: 
April 2023
Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Certificate: Masters or PhD

Developed by:

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23 FEB. 2023 


4 PM (UK time)

Live session about this Masters / PhD 

Find out more about converting your GEDS to a Masters / PhD at this online webinar. 

Hosted by Silvia di Blasio of Gaia Education and Raji Jayasinghe of Ubiquity University! 

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Major Advisor responsibilities:

The Student responsibilities:

Choosing an Advisor

Choosing an Advisor is one of the most important decisions you as a student make in the dissertation process: it is up there with choosing a topic. In an ideal world, your advisor would be a mentor, an expert in your field, a coach, an editor, and a career counsellor; someone to guide, teach and encourage you from the first moment until the last. There are, however, few human beings who can fill that entire job description. An advisor/advisee relationship is like other relationships. Most don’t work perfectly at first, or all the time, but there must be enough goodwill on each side so that you can both try to make your relationship work. Your job is to get your advisor to help you as much and as effectively as possible. 

Please find below a list of recommended advisors, check their profiles and contact them directly. We cannot assure or promise their availability at the time you enter dissertation phase. If you do not find within the list anybody available or the most appropriate person then please reach out to your community, people you may know, the author of a book you read et al.

Gaia Education Advisors

Della Duncan

Della Z Duncan is a Regenerative Economist. Areas of her livelihood garden include co-facilitating the Economic Dimension and the Regenerative Livelihoods courses at Gaia Education, supporting individuals as a Right Livelihood Coach, helping transition businesses and organizations as a post-capitalist consultant, teaching and facilitating courses and retreats on the Work that Reconnects and Regenerative Economics, and hosting the Upstream Podcast which challenges mainstream economic thinking through documentaries and conversations including most recently The Myth of Freedom Under Capitalism and The Green Transition Pt 1: The Problem with Green Capitalism and Pt 2: A Green Deal for the People. Della is also the Course Development Manager of Fritjof Capra’s Capra Course on the Systems View of Life, a founding member of the California Doughnut Economics Coalition, a Senior Fellow of Social and Economic Equity at the London School of Economics, a Gross National Happiness Master Trainer, a Dissertation Supervisor at Schumacher College, and a Senior Lecturer of Renegade Economics and Regenerative Livelihoods at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Santa Cruz Permaculture, and Vital Cycles Permaculture. Della has supervised and mentored over 5 Regenerative Economics Masters Dissertations. Appropriate areas of mentorship include: Regenerative Economics, Eco-Spirituality, the Work that Reconnects, and Buddhist Philosophy and Practice.

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Sascha Jenke

Sascha worked many years of his life in the field of planning and designing as an architect, landscape architect and the most time of this period as an urban planner in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He worked on projects on different scales from parcel size to whole city scale and beyond the designing aspect he became interested in a more holistic approach including economic and social aspects of planning. While living in Rotterdam he discovered Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya (applied numerology) which changed his life significantly. He became a yoga teacher and a trainer for yoga teacher, a Karam Kriya consultant, Breathwalk instructor and Satnamrasayan healer. He began to combine these experiences and guided by the principles of life, expressed through Karam Kriya, he started exploring and developing a holistic sustainability approach, Sustainable Ecology. Since 2018 he is teaching Sustainable Ecology at the local university in an interdisciplinary context. Sascha is one of our Gaia Education Certified trainers.

About Gaia Education’s Design for Sustainability Course

Gaia Education’s online learning course, Design for Sustainability, provides participants with whole-systems design and systemic thinking skills, analytical abilities and practical tools to support the redesign of the human presence on Earth, one local community and bioregion at a time.

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